[ENDED] Monthly 3D Scanning Challenge: Horn of Plenty / #3DScanFruitVeg

Hello all. I just finish my 3d scan of starfruit a.k.a belimbing. I’ll upload it soon :smiley:

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Sorry about that, I was in a hurry when I posted… Anyway, great models so far!

Ok, Just as final touch. i place full scan of Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) in one post:


And may be, if will have time add Pomegranate sliced (but can’t promise)


my last try :slight_smile:


Hi, I just saw that I missed the deadline. Somehow I remembered that it is 31st of January.
Anyway, here is an pineapple scan, so if you could take it into consideration for the 3D Scanning Challenge it would be great. I will double check the deadline next time :slight_smile:


I thought the last day for entering the challenge was today. If it’s on me; I say your Pineapple still counts :wink:

Not sure if this made the deadline or not but the taking part was the main thing as turntable scanning is a new one for me :slight_smile:

I know where I went wrong with the aubergine, but I ate it before I got to take more photos so that’s going to have to wait for another time, but someone gave me an artichoke today specially for the contest so I thought I’d better get it done!


:clap::clap::clap: Challenge over, Well done everyone !:clap::clap::clap:

I think entries that made it in yesterday are fine (@bartv ?)

Personally, I’ve been really impressed at the range of tricky subjects that were successfully scanned for this challenge and an extra big thank you to the people who shared their process & scanning tips along the way.

I’d encourage everyone to leave their models set to downloadable so I can add them to a combined scene celebrating the group effort but also just to share some amazing CC content with the rest of the internet :slight_smile:

The judges will be convening soon and we’ll be picking our favourite scans this week. We’ll be in touch with the winner by Friday 3rd February.

:sparkles: :postal_horn: :tomato: :pineapple: :melon: :strawberry: :grapes: :watermelon: :banana: :tangerine: :pear: :apple: :mushroom: :peach: :corn::sparkles:


It’s okay with me too!


@bartv & @nebulousflynn I can not wait to see the end result of the Horn of Plenty :yum:

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Banana from Canary Island, Spain

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Ahoy everyone!

We’ll be announcing the winner of this month’s challenge tomorrow! Congratulations again on all your amazing entries - it has been a very difficult for us to judge…

As a celebration of all the awesome captures of fruit and veg (and nuts, and mushrooms!) I put together this scene combining as many entries as I could squeeze in:

Apologies if you’re not in there, I’ll try and add everyone over time as well as links to your hi-res scans.



Wow that looks pretty cool :hushed:

Image quality and overlap is … not good. So this is maximum i can do.

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##:medal_sports:Announcing Winner of​:medal_sports:

So! After much deliberation, we’re happy to announce the winner of the #3Dscanfruitveg challenge, plus some honourable mentions…

Winning scan: Pitaya / Dragonfruit by Vlad (ssh4)

It was really tough deciding a winner as there were so many great entries to choose from but we think this is a fantastic rendition of this fruit executed with, skill and attention to detail!

Some other judge favourites were:

…plus many, many more!

Thanks to everyone who took part and made this such a successful challenge!


Yahoo! :slight_smile:


Well done Vlad! A very well deserved winning scan, it was clean and precise with lots of colour and detail. What a great competition to see so many fantastic entries.


Congratulations Vlad. Well deserved. Superb scan!

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@ssh4 Very nice scan, congrats!

I had mutch fun doing this challenge :smile: It was interesting to see the 3D scan styles of other 3D scanning-enthusiasts. I also had to challenge myself for a better result, with good texturing and cleaning on a limited time scale. :pineapple:

Up to the next 3D challenge :wink:

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