[ENDED] Monthly 3D Sculpting Challenge: Tabletop Wars / #3DSculptTabletopWars

(Bart) #1

Hello Sculptors, and welcome to our new monthly 3D sculpting challenge! Each month, you’ll get two weeks to work on a topic that encourages everyone to collaborate – we’ll combine the final entries into one large scene afterwards, linking each entry to the original.

This month, we’d like you to work on miniatures for tabletop games – it could be characters, machines or other props, as long as you take the battle to your table! Our sponsor Shapeways is providing a 3D print of the winning model.

Read the full details on our blog, enjoy!

Tabletop Wars: DilutedEgo Wip
Tabletop Wars: Hopping Mad Alchemist
Contest-Tabletop Wars: Tortoise-Grizzly Bear
(Joansantus) #2

Hello Bartv,
This looks like a great challenge! I have a quick question with the terms and conditions. It says that all models most be original inspired on movies. Does that mean we can only use movies as inspiration for this? No videogames, comics, D&D, TCG or other medium for inspiration?

(Bart) #3

Oops! That was a leftover from a previous contest, sorry about that :slight_smile: It's been removed!

(Hvalle) #4

Almost there! Just need to optimize printing and detail a bit more. Maybe add a thematic base. Valerie Kyrie, the Valkyrie!


Wow, she's really beautiful! What's that in her hand?

(Hvalle) #6

Cel phone! Selfie time :3

(Bart) #7

Seori never takes selfies, she wouldn't know.

(VRtual Artist) #8

Had fun building this in VR with Gravity Sketch.

(Joansantus) #9

Thank you for the reply bartv!

Another quick question. For the model, I noticed in shapeways' webpage that they have colored 3D impresions. This might sound like a dumb question. Does sketchfab or shapeways read the polypaint in the models or do they have UVs/textures applied? I want to use Zbrush to create my character and was thinking on just decimating it, but seeing that colors might be possible, polypainting the character sounds like a good option.

(Stephomi) #10

Yes we support zbrush polypaint, if you encounter an issue, just post your model url and we'll investigate.

(Omari McCord) #11

Sounds like a blast! Im curious about 2 things: what physical (true scale) size for these? I have been messing with the zscaler plug-in so if there is a specific size thats optimal it can be matched.

Also, decimation with UV's and watertight with hollow? Or just decimate with vertex col/ polypaint?

(Joansantus) #12

Here is a preview of my model. Now to zremesh him, paint him, pose and upload. Any feedback is welcomed :).

I like playing Kemet and Cyclades with my wife and friends and one of the monsters is a giant scorpion which I always try to get. I got inspired from there to make a giant scorpion-like crustacean.

(Robin Dao) #13

This is my actual Dungeons and Dragons character Balasar. He is a Dragonborn Bard, featuring a unique one man band contraption with incorporates multiple bard instruments. The Drum, the horn, and dulcimer.

3D sculpt

Drawing of him I use for DnD

(Bart) #14

I love seeing the new characters come in (and there are more in the Challenges forum), and it will be good fun to combine them all into one scene.

Just one week left everyone, good luck!!

(Adam Beamish) #15

Great to see the entries so far! Looking really cool!

Here's my WIP so far. I originally wanted to do a character like Venger from Dungeons & Dragons but I ended up with this instead. He just grew from a basic low polygon model and became a character without any planning. So here is my King of the Forest. :slight_smile:

(Grimwolden Games) #16

Bit late to the party but we're hoping to pull together a model something like a mix of this concept art of ours:

(Bart) #17

@earthen looking good! Are you planning to pose him too?

@GrimwoldenGames cool sketches - have you already decided what he will be holding in his hands?

(Grimwolden Games) #18

@bartv At the moment it's all a bit up in the air. He's either going to be holding just a musket, or perhaps a musket in one hand and holding up a lantern in the other. I prefer a dynamic pose so will probably be something like running while holding the musket.

(Unoquepasa) #20


(Joansantus) #21

Here is my crab monster inside Sketchfab. This is my first time uploading something aimed to be 3D printed. I decimated the highpolygon and reprojected the polypaint.

What do you think guys?