[ENDED] Monthly 3D Sculpting Challenge: Tabletop Wars / #3DSculptTabletopWars

Glad to hear it folks! I’ve got the models combined into one model now (and decimated each down to 40k polygons), just need to figure out an awesome composition/layout. Any suggestions?


They look like real tabletop pieces all together :grin: ! Maybe place them like if they were part of a real game over a generic game board?

Yeah I thought about that. Maybe someone here knows where to get a nice tabletop game board in 3D? :slight_smile:

Or perhaps just a 2D image under a Creative Commons license that I can use. @nomadking suggested something like this to me - I could see our pieces live on this:


That looks good to me :smiley:

@bartv Oooo models on a Heroquest board like that image could totally work. The 3d scene would be nice but more work unless we can find a pre-made game board ready to go.

Interesting to see different styles together

##:medal_sports:Announcing the Winner​:medal_sports:

Wow! Seems like everyone had a lot of fun with this challenge :slight_smile: We received 22 awesome entries and it wasn’t easy to pick the winner.

Let’s start with an overview of all the models - huge thanks to BitGem for the great background model, and to Gistold from the Paris Sketchfab team for applying the ‘clay’ material and baking the awesome lighting :ok_hand:

The winner

The clear winner of the challenge was Robin Dao’s Balasar the Bard:

Honourable mentions

And of course it’s impossible to pick only one entry with so many fantastic pieces. So here are our other favourites - it was a close call for them!

Thanks for participating everyone! We’re already thinking about the next sculpting challenge - keep an eye on our blog.


Congrats to the winners and great job to everyone that entered! :slight_smile:

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Wow, amazing presentation! :open_mouth:
Congrats to all the winners for their stunning work!

Awesome! Thanks so much! The final result looks amazing - I’m already looking forward to the next challenge! Congrats everyone!! :slight_smile:

nice scene and congratulations to winners

Wow! Congrats Robin!! :smiley:

And Thanks for the honourable mention! :stuck_out_tongue:

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that bard is truely epic!!
congrats @robindao

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@bartv WOW I feel so honored! Thank you everyone! This challenge was really fun, They all look GREAT on a board together. Great work from all the entries!


Congrats to the winners. It was a lot of fun to take part in this challenge. Can’t wait for the next one :smiley:

This is really great work. I really liked this contest! Thanks for hosting this i got to see alot of great models.

Amazing job everyone! Congrats to the winrars!

Congrats to the winners and @robindao for your amazing piece!

Congratulations to everyone who entered! Great designs and great to see all the models together! :slight_smile:

Great job guys,
It was a lot of fun :slight_smile: