[ENDED] Monthly VR Creation Tool Challenge: Legend of Zelda Environments / #VRZeldaChallenge


Hello all! Here's the place to upload your WIPS, drafts, and published models for the VR Creation Tools Challenge in which the theme is a canon Zelda or Zelda-inspired environment. Need more details? Here is the blog with the rules, the judges, the prizes and the inspiration!

Have fun! Help and inspire each other! Remember, the triforce is only at its most powerful when all the pieces are assembled!

(VRtual Artist) #2

Here is my WIP - created in VR with VoxVR. I'm going to attempt to bridge the original 8bit game world into the modern version of the game world by using multiple VR applications. I'm starting with VoxVR for obvious reasons and will finish the project with Quill since I think it will best match the newest Zelda title's art style.

(Brismo7) #3


Here is mine.


Love that idea! Can't wait to see how that looks. Awesome choice on using VoxVR.


Looks beautiful!

(Vrhuman) #6

Cool Idea, haven´t tried VoxVR yet.

(Vibrantnebula) #7

I am leaning towards doing an interpretation of Death Mountain circa OOT within Tiltbrush

(VRtual Artist) #8

Here are a few more elements for my challenge that I made tonight in VoxVr

(VRtual Artist) #9

And here is a shrine from Breath of the Wild (still needs some refinement)


Wow, these are so cool! So are you combining all of these different VR tool elements into one scene?

(VRtual Artist) #12

Thanks! Yes, that's the idea. I'll use these elements to build out a scene that includes the exterior and interior of a Breath of the Wild shrine with "8-bit" throwback elements from the first Legend of Zelda game.

(Vrhuman) #13

Looking forward to the scene. Also really cool that you post frequent updates of your WIP.

(Vrhuman) #14

Make sure to post your progress. Love seeing how things come together.

(Romainrevert) #15

My entry !
I have a lot of fun doing it ! I love GravitySketch !


Love it!

(VRtual Artist) #17

Here are a couple more things that will go into my scene:

(Eric3dee) #18

Here is the first piece to my submission. I know it is a character, but the environment is coming. Unfortunately I ran into a big hiccup. Quill has a bug related to art made with the square brush. I was only able to get this guy exported because someone at Oculus exported it for me :confused: I have done more on this piece, I am just hoping I can get the thing exported!

(VRtual Artist) #19

Incredible character likeness!

(VRtual Artist) #20

I spent a couple of hours in VR tonight using Gravity Sketch to make a Guardian from Breath of the Wild. I'm also streaming these sessions on twitch if people are interested in learning more about creating things in VR.

(VRtual Artist) #21

Working to put the final touches on my entry. Here is Link (created using VoxVR alpha).