[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Editor Challenge: Calligraphy School

Imagine the possibilities and then bring them to life using your Sketchfab skills. This week we challenge you to download the glTF version of Color Draft by annzep, upload it to your Sketchfab account, and tweak the settings in the 3D Editor to give the model an entirely new look and feel. Tag your model #CalligraphySchoolChallenge to enter.

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


Here is my entry:

Playing with Opacity and Refraction.

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Nice—very cool idea! I wonder if a differently colored background would help bring everything together and give it a little more visual interest.

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And here is our design :slight_smile:

Good point.
I just did that and looks way better indeed.
Thank you for the idea :wink:

dont worry looks like its fine

i apologies for wasting your time. Abby said it should be fine

@turkialajmi I was in doubt about adding or not,
but after @abbyec suggested, I did it.
by Custom BG I understood to upload new image and add to the scene, but what I did was to use what is available in the system.
No time wasted. I in fact thank you for double check this fact :wink:


Any time i just did not want the deadline to arrive and than see such design get thrown out for no reason. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Hi guys!
I tried to create an infested calligraphy school, hope it’s creepy enough :smiley:

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Hi! This is my entry.

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Here is my entry. I hope you like it :blush:


Great job, everyone! You took this little building in a lot of different directions and we enjoyed seeing what you could achieve with just the 3D Editor.

And the winner is...

Late Night Lessions by Elin Abrahamsen

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“I like the smoothness of the render and the feeling coming from this one. Simple but efficient!” - Geoffrey (@geoffreymarchal)

“I love the materials on this scene and had to check twice to make sure it wasn’t actually textured :)” - Bart (@bartv)