[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Editor Challenge: Littlest Tokyo

(Bart) #1

For our first ever Sketchfab 3D Editor Challenge, we’re interested in what a difference 3D settings make to how a model looks in the Sketchfab viewer. We’re supplying you with a model that needs a little help to really shine, and we want you to make it pop, using only the settings available via the 3D Settings button (see our Help Center for all available options). Lighting! Materials! Post-processing! Annotations! Use as much or as little as you want, doing your best to hit the settings sweet spot.

@Glenatron, the model’s artist, says:

Really looking forward to seeing what you guys do to this scene and how you present it, especially when it comes to lighting and post processing! Good luck with sifting through the materials and figuring out what corresponds to what, and apologies for the some of the random material names (but hey ho, that’s game dev!)”

Be sure to read the announcement blog post for full rules and how to enter:

(Nomadking) #2

My quick attempt at something for this:

I used lighting and post-process to try and give and old time vintage feel to the scene. I even slowed the animation down - cause life moved slower in the past! :wink:

(Strkl) #3

Beautiful model and scene, such a delight to work with !

Here is my take, had a lot of fun on this. I tried to create a very different mood from the original, and went with a Nighttime scene, took some time to add a sound :slight_smile:

I’m a bit disappointed that you can’t lock light positions, so please don’t rotate the light…I tried to fake the environment local lights, if you move the lighting, everything breaks !
The gizmos can be tedious to work with but overall the viewer is super powerful

a bit more detail on my process :

  • Modified two materials to get the emissive windows, and gave them a warm color
  • Created a blueish ambient light from the environment color
  • Added one omni light on front of the main lit windows (focus point), to fake the illumation from the interior
  • Added one spot light in the back alley, to give a bit more ambiance / storytelling
  • it was hard to choose where to put the last light, but I decided to illuminate the main billboard with a blue spot (to contrast with the warmer bottom part of the scene), and make it appears emissive (which was not possible from the initials atlas material)
  • Then went on to tweak the post process a lot, spend a lot of time in the color correction tab to get the perfect colors
  • Clamped the X and Y camera angle to control the composition more
  • finally, created a small 10 second audio track that match the scene (if you listen closely, I tried to emulate the train turning ! :smile: )

(Architect47) #4

I tried to upload glTF version, but every time i had an upload error, i don’t now why… I use a lot of 3d settings functions. Post processing, materials reflections, lighting settings…
My idea is to create atmosphere: to be clother this little world…
PS: and i’m sorry for my English )

(Nomadking) #5

I couldn’t resist making a 2nd entry - @glenatron’s scene is just too cute! :wink:

This time I went with a sunset vibe:

(Ergoni) #6

My main think is to give the model a brilliant touch.

Setting the rendering in on a shadeless effect, using a dark background and applying Bloom to highlight the model increasing the saturation and the color balance to give it a sunset setting

(Eagle Gamma) #7

Here is my entry:

(Bart) #8

I love the different moods! Here’s my entry:

(Ergoni) #9

I wondered what the model would look like in the 30s animation style
But apparently bart thought something similar XD
Music: Fragment of the short A wagon in distress of disney

(Toomanydemons) #10

I love this model.

My goal was to make it beautiful. I hope you guys like it! Cheers! :hugs:

(Malwina Czech) #11

I discovered this model long time ago and fell in love with it! :heartbeat:
I really had to join this challenge!

Here is my take :sparkling_heart:

I used different light colors and post-process to give it a pastel/harajuku look :purple_heart:

I also played around with the color-mapping and color-balance filters which are my favourites to use in every scene I upload !

I hope you like it :two_hearts: x

(Shaderbytes) #12

So many awesome entries :wink: May I present my version as well, read captions , hope you like it :

(Farrukh) #13

Hi, I am sharing my entry also. Great contest.

Thank you very much for checking it.

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #14

Such a great model, and many good moods and styles already!
With this entry i tried to convoy that chill and nice feeling of a slow and quite evening, when everything slowly stops and we get ready for bed (most of us at least).
And I tried to guide you through with some annotations, hope you all like it.

(Pesawatkertas) #15

so this is my entry, the concept is using the color scheme that’s usually used by future funk artist either for their “video” or album cover (well, specifically i’m inspired by scene from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idipMrfAZHk)

(Art Avenue3 D) #16

Really Love everyone’s different styles of work! You’ve all done an amazing job! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Rowan427) #17

Hey guys! This is my very first challenge and I’m still really new to this sort of thing but, I did my best so here we are! :grin:

(Dark Minaz) #18

went for a bit more colorful version of it with some more anime style to it. Mostly based on some newer cgi anime. (i.e give the metal some reflections, use the cellshade option, give the colors a bit more pop)

full list:
ssr, ssao,sharp,vignette,tonemapping

material changes
clear coat
roughness changes
metallic changes

light changes, selfmade hdri, 2 directional 1 spot light
ground shadows

(Mique) #19

Hey hey!
Here is my entry for the 3D Editor Challenge.
Going for a neon night in a near future look with a model/ toy feel to it. Hope you like it!

(Ludichris) #20

Hey all! I went for a Matrix style look and zoomed right in to show off the crazy detail in this model.