[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Editor Challenge: Littlest Tokyo

(Mentailst) #21

My entry for the 3D Editor Challenge

(Haido) #22

I had some fun with this, a great excuse to play around in sketchfab’s 3D editor :slight_smile:

Was inspired by the colours in this shot from David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet 2” and thought I’d have a go at trying to recreate a similar scheme in a 3D setting

This is such a cute model, with so many little easter eggs to find as you pan about. Thanks @glenatron ! :smile:

(Shui861wy) #23

Beautiful architecture, I like it very much.

My production ideas:

I’ve tried a lot to change its location in the limited number of lights, and I want to make every part of the building look more comfortable.

1, You can see the feeling when the train comes out of the shadows and finds the sunshine.

2, a lucrative cat bathed in the sunshine.

3 ,and the atmosphere in which the sun shines into the cold Lane (simulated by a single light).

4, The whole building looks different from the warm and cold in every place.

(William Domeyer) #24

Hey everyone! Some really awesome submissions already, but I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring as well with my Vaporwave version of the scene, It’s definitely a little overkill but so is most vaporwave so i hope you guys enjoy!

(Nomadking) #25

Just paste in the full URL from the top of your browser, not the share links :wink:

(Diosmel) #26

I have enjoyed an excellent time with this scene. :heart_eyes: I even build a little story and added background music, so feel free to click as fast as you can when the model starts loading to provide a correct synchronization. :wink:

To obtain this result, I use a PBR configuration, 2 Spot Lights, 1 Light Point and the “Milky Way” image background as moonlight. :sunglasses: In some materials was needed to adjust the Reflection, Emision, Clear Coat, Bump Mapping and Opacity. For Post Processing I used SSAO, Vignette, Bloom and Tone Mapping. Finally was needed incorporate the Anotations, put in loop the default animation and add a background inmersive sound. :star_struck: Was a lot of work… :sweat_smile: but I’m glad with the final result… I hope you like it. :yum:

(William Domeyer) #27

Thanks for the help, really appreciate it!

(Malwina Czech) #28

Omg! I love it! definitely my favorite one :purple_heart:

(Ibizanhound) #30

Here is my entry, basically tried to match the dreamy feeling that this scene original has and amplify it with some vibrant colors and some bloom.
Also tried to add a tilt shift effect to it by using the DOF feature and added some reflections on materials like metal and windows to mix the cartooney with some realistic style.
What I love about having intense light and shadows is that if you spin the lights around by holding alt and dragging, you get a complete fresh scene and different elements pop up!
Hope you like it and good luck to everyone! :smiley:

(Malwina Czech) #31

This really turned out cute and dreamy! I :relaxed::thought_balloon:

(Glenatron) #32

Holy crap! These are all looking amazing, and such a wide variety of results. I think everyone here has presented my scene better than I ever could! :sunglasses:

(Mique) #33

This contest and also the model is fun to work with I just had to go for a 2nd option!
This time a more of an old time look and feel, more of an old photo with lots of desaturated colors but not fully black and white. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

(Auto Run Fail) #34


I love what everyone is doing with this model. There are definitely some concepts I had not even thought of, and that is so cool to see!

For my submission I wanted to capture the feeling of the beginning of the evening, just as the sun is setting and everyone is heading out for dinner, dancing, and a night of relaxation and enjoyment.

I took the original model and adjusted some of the materials to stand out with a bit of reflection and metal feel. I added 3 lights - 1 yellow point light, 1 rich blue point light on the back, and a red directional light on the front. These are to simulate the sun as it sets and hits the building, the yellow glow from the windows, and the blue feel you get when the sun is gone behind buildings. I also added some emissive glow on the windows, and a bit of emission to some of the trees and bushes to make them stick out some. And finally I added a sound track and adjusted some of the post process settings - bloom, SSAO, tone mapping, RGB adjustment, and vignette. I also added a few annotations to get some views of the model from each side and point out some animation details. And the background I used was the woods scene, but super blurred out so as to make it look like evening lights.

I really enjoyed this! Good luck to everyone!

(Witchbehindthebush) #35

My neon model for this chellenge. Looks great in this crazy colors from the past.

(Coroca3 D) #36

Everyone’s entries look really good, it’s gonna be a close one!

(Abby Crawford) #37

And the winner is...

Early Hours - Sketchfab 3D Editor Challenge by Thanos Bompotas

Many thanks to all who participated! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ibizanhound) #38

I am over the moon about this!
Congratulations to everyone who participated, my admiration to Glen Fox (Glenatron) for his amazing scene and thank you of course to Sketchfab for organizing this challenge!
Woo-hoooo!!! :smiley: