[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Editor Challenge: Luigi's Mansion x Resident Evil

This week we challenge you to download glenatron‘s Luigi’s Mansion x Resident Evil, upload it to your Sketchfab account, and adjust the settings in Sketchfab’s 3D Editor to give the model an entirely new look and feel.

Share your vision for the scene and give/get feedback on the challenge topic on the Forum. And check out all the entries in the tag gallery! Want to learn more about how to use Sketchfab’s 3D Editor? Head over to the Help Center.

Be sure to read the announcement blog post for full rules and how to enter:


Hello @bartv I downloaded the glTF version but it came missing the Lightmap

Hi - the glTF download archive uses the PBR workflow and does not include lightmaps, you’ll have to get creative with the editor :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, this is my submission.
It was cool to play with that masterpiece made by glenatron, I had fun with the 3d editor, it is more powerful than I thought hehe


So I made a crossover of a crossover, is this even legal? :thinking:

Decided to mix this wonderful scene with a little bit of Silent Hill 1, one of my all time favourites. Which means a very specific color palette, lighting, and fog (well, fog didn’t turn out that well, but still a decent attempt, I think).

Some reference shots:


Nice Silent Hill. It has the spoopy vibes

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I just blue my entry

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I’ve always believed that with those medicinal herbs anyone ends up watching zombies. That’s why my entry here


I also made a security cam


Cheers man, yours are pretty swell too! :blush:

That scene was really complex and you all did a great job transforming it. The judges enjoyed reviewing and exploring the entries. :woman_zombie::flashlight:

From guest judge Glen Fox: “Some really awesome entries and it’s cool to see what other people can do with my scenes with just the 3D editor settings.”

And the winner is...

Resident Hill: The Mansion by @mediochrea

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“Matches the source material really well, and works well with the low poly art.” - Glen Fox (@glenatron)

“The changes to the colour palette really bring a spooky vibe into the scene.” - Phil Clark (@nomadking)

“I got the idea with this one that it had even more detail than the original. Love the look and feel!” - Mieke Roth (@miekeroth)


Congratulations!! :slight_smile:

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Holy crap, this is unexpected. Thanks so much guys, it’s an honor! The scene was a treat to work with :heart:

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Congrats @mediochrea :partying_face:

And well done to everyone that took part :nerd_face:

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