[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Editor Challenge: Sea Keep

(Polybean) #24

Sounds like a fun little challenge and it’s a nice scene! :slight_smile:
I plan to not go too far from the original day setting, but try to enhance it as much as possible.
I want to adjust the contrast, color dynamics, material behaviour and overall add a more a fantasy-like feeling to the scene.
Also want to try out Annotations for the first time!

Awesome night settings as entries so far btw. Keep it up!

(Polybean) #25

Very good looking night scene! May I ask how you managed to make only the windows glow? I want to add that feeling to my day scene as well, but can’t figure it out.

(Pippy J) #26

Hi there! When you have downloaded the scene, in the textures, the creator has an ‘emitter’ texture. Just plop that one into the emitter setting on the material of the buildings, then, use the post-process effects, and in the ‘bloom’ section, that’ll add a nice little glow around the brightest areas of the scene. The emitter will enhance that for you. Then slide the sliders around and find the right balance for what you want to achieve :blush: good luck friend! Can’t wait to see what you can do!

(Mystic Teacup) #27

Here is my entry, I decided to go for a super colourful, dramatic sunset look! There are some stunning pieces of work for this challenge, well done and good luck to everyone! :blush:

(Meee) #28

Here is my submission to the challenge, my goal was to make it as realistic as possible using pbr channels and post-processing filters.

(Polybean) #29

Great, thank you a lot! :slight_smile: I totally overlooked that texture somehow.

Used it as a really subtle effect in the end. Here is my entry:

(Mariosonic500) #30

Nice, I love the colors.

(Mariosonic500) #31

I’m trying to edit the color balance and tone mapping so that it looks like an old sepia photo.

(Mariosonic500) #32

(Zemasu) #33

I played a lot with emissive and specular lights, to achieve the best vapor effect trying to not result in way too much color as a punch in the eye

(Virgile Maratrey) #34

Hey thanks ! Happy you enjoy :wink:

(Procyonlotor) #35

My submission:

(Savage Seggwaye) #36

This is my entry.

(Miekeroth) #37

Hi All!
for once I entered a contest too!

Here is my entry:

(Davidrfloyd) #38

I went for sunset also. You really nailed your work, good job!

(Fabian Orrego) #39

Hi everyone. This is my entry:


SCENE: I increased the field of view | I reduced the brightness of environment background

LIGHTING: I added three directions lights | I changed the environment HDR and I modified the light intensity of shadows

MATERIALS: I change materials to PBR specular workflow | I Adjusted of some maps and textures (Anisotropy, Roughness, Bump, Clear Coat, Emission)

POST PROCESSING FILTERS: SSAO | Grain | Depth of field | Sharpness | Chromatic Aberration | Vignette | Bloom | Tone Mapping (Filmic increasing the saturation and exposure a little) | Color Balance

ANNOTATIONS: I added 8 generic annotations

I hope do you like

(H Prendering) #40

Hi all, had a play with lots of buttons and sliders :man_mechanic: Here is my entry for the Sea Keep Challenge, enjoy.

(Mystic Teacup) #41

Thank you so much! I saw your work and it looks beautiful!! Good luck :relaxed:

(Jesse L) #42

Made a fantasy feeling scene around dusk, focusing on bright varied colors although mainly blues/purples and oranges/pinks. The main changes are

  • Static color background with opacity changes for the sea and sky. This is a simple trick makes a cohesive color composition by bleeding through colors of the entire scene
  • Normal maps added for everything most strikingly the water to break up the flat colors and depth
  • Use of refraction opacity, for the sea top has roughness added for depth with IOR 1 to remove any large refractions. The sky has refraction calibrated make use of the assets in the scene to give an almost perlin finish of numerous colors depending on angle allowing the sky to have blues, pinks, oranges, purples and greens
  • Clear coats and anisotropy to bounce around colors and add depth. Clear coats on the sky and water top bounce light around. While the anisotropy on the ocean adds variance
  • Orange lighting in the courtyard for a lived in feeling to try and distinguish between man made and natural
  • Emission flat colors for extra color calibration
  • SSAO, Sharpness, Vignette, Tonne mapping and color balance

I did do a few tests with displacement and they made an interesting almost sketch like appearance on the fortress. Although too many large changes happened with the avaliable textures that I cant get it to work without a large amount of time on a custom texture

(Raffli) #43

Hey everyone, here is my entry for the Sea Keep Challenge.

I went for a more colorful / playful style.