[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Editor Challenge: Thor and the Midgard Serpent

hello, here is my version : Thor And The Matcap Serpent


Nice stuff in here!
I’ll start experimenting on some ideas tomorrow and might join the challenge if the results look as expected :smile:
Good luck to all !

Decided to make it vapor-wave feel with the lighting mostly


Me and my boys playing with the Editor

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just making sure what you mean by textures? as far as i saw you have to use the provided textures, you can use them however you want though inside the editor.

Yeah I don’t really know at the moment.
The challenge instruction said the following:

Only use the files and data from the original model (do not add sound, custom backgrounds, etc.)

So by changing something on the original texture file, I actually don’t add new files, so basically I don’t know wheter it is or isn’t allowed to change some colors on the original textures.

Can someone of Sketchfab verify if this is allowed or not?
If it’s not allowed, I can easily change it back, no problem for me.

@allmightythunder @vangre to be clear: you are not allowed to edit anything from the original model download via an external 3D or image editing software: mesh, textures or materials.

You are only allowed to adjust how the original files look using Sketchfab’s 3D editor.

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Ok thanks for the extra info, it wasn’t clear to me in the description. I’ll reupload and start over :wink: so basically only the lighting and post processing tabs may be changed and we need to stay off the materials tab in the editor, am I correct? (So no adjusting sliders of material properties as roughness or emission values etc right?)

You can adjust materials, as long as it’s done with whatever options are available in the Sketchfab editor.

You can do anything as long as it is in the 3D Editor - your previous reply suggested editing image files in external software before you uploading them.

Thanks for making that clear. I removed the old version and gave it another go and I must say I had fun doing so:

Here is my new attempt, and this time it’s alldone in the 3D Editor, as required :wink:

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Hi! here’s mine :slight_smile:

I wanted to highlight thor, the monster and the ship, and not being overwelmed by all the details at the first view. 80% of my work on the editor were on the postfilters, 15% on the lighting and the 5% left, were adding little stuff on the materials, like sss on the sail, or changing the water opacity mode.

Hi! Sharing my entry. It was fun. I hope you like it

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stunning view @mmkh :smile:

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My take on this challenge! At first I wasn’t going to participate, but about an hour ago I felt like it would be fun, and a nice distraction from work, so I decided to give it a try. Very happy with the result, it was very fun to look for nice camera angles to tell a little story. I hope you like it! :smiley:

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Hello Everyone,

Check my participation for the challenge.



The only thing I want to change to finish my entry is the title, but apparently that functionality on the website is broken right now, so I’ll wait and see if it gets back up before the deadline.
" Ragnarok, the foretold Apocalypse " should be the title instead of my current one.

Big thanks to everybody who dived into the 3D Editor to give Matthijs’ scene a cool new look and feel. We loved seeing everybody’s takes on the scene. Keep up the great work! :dragon:

And the winner is...

Tales of Midgard: Clash of Thor and Jormungandr by @Dawng

Here’s what the judges had to say about the winning entry:

“Anthony’s adjustment really leans into the storytelling of the scene, taking an action packed encounter and freezing it for the pages of history.” -Phil

“I really love this old film effect.” -Kevin

“Love the flat and sepia look, every angle looks like an illustration in an old book (…an old book of low poly myths).” -Tom

“I love this kind of retro movie/TV style and that fit perfectly well the topic. Looks like a old cartoon from the 40s.” -Geoffrey

“Beautiful color scheme and vintage look.” -Bart

“How I love this one. As if I am looking at a children’s book that makes you dream of dragons and Vikings.” -Mieke

“This one has a cool old-time feel. Reminds me of old cartoons.” -Chris


Congrats to the winner, and to everyone who joined. It was amazing to see the creative ideas people came up with. It was a joy to see everyone have fun with the model!


Thank you everyone, your words means a lot to me.

Having seen the awesome entries that everyone did, I am very honored to be chosen as the winner.

A big thanks to Sketchfab and @MatthijsDeRijk. Your model was awesome! I had fun doing every bit of the challenge.

Cheers to everyone, you guys are awesome!