[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Modeling Challenge: Holograms of the Future

We have teamed up with the Looking Glass Factory team - the creators of the amazing ‘holographic’ 3D display device ‘Looking Glass’.

Your task : create a ‘Sci-Fi Hologram’ model for the Looking Glass 3D Model Importer and upload it with the tag #LookingGlassImporterChallenge. See the ‘Rules’ section for technical requirements. You can win the actual Looking Glass device , priced $599.

For full prize and rule details be sure to read the blog post:


Are we able to also submit previous work for this if we reupload it in the correct format? I have some work that I’ve done in the past that I think would be a great entry, and the description for this one does not say new work only, so I’m curious.

You’re right - this rule was missing. I added it, so only new work please!



I have a few technical questions for the contest.

First, can the looking glass support sketchfab effects, as bloom, tone mapping, ect… ? Because the example model for the contest have a lot of them, and does’nt look the same without… Since it is an hologram it is better with glow.

How does the looking glass support the transparency, if it does ? As blending, dithered or mask (like an alpha cut with no smooth)

I see that the format must be Obj or Gltf, but we can upload an alembic or a fbx that will be converted by Sketchfab ?

The model must be light to upload quickly, as the note says. Can we still animate it, or is it better to have a non-animated one for the performance ?

Is there a limit to the size of the eventual textures ? like 1024 or 2048 ?

Thank you for reading all of my questions :slight_smile:
Have a nice day ! :smiley:


For this contest I will try to make an hologram of the earth and the moon.
Here is the first result (I really hope that animations are supported, for me an hologram is something that move a lot…)

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I’ve never uploaded any animation on sketchfab before…
Does someone know how to upload the animation of all meshes in one animation for sketchfab with blender?
When I upload, every mesh has is own separate animation…

Here is my first prototype, low poly and no textures… means super fast loading :wink:

For art style I combined some scifi with the frame work and bloom , added a few solid surfaces to mix it up , some moderen styling like the block smoke clouds etc. The base section also hints at their logo slightly, will do another one perhaps in the week to come.


Here is the actual result, I’m not totally sure about the colors but I think the result is quite good.
No textures are used, only 3D editor materials.


I imported it as a .blend, but sketchbab automatically convert it to .gltf in download options.
Does it works or is it necessary to upload the model as a .gltf or .obj?

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Some cool looking entries so far :sunglasses:

Quick question: It says Create a ‘Sci-fi Hologram’ model, does that mean the model can be of anything done in a hologram style? Or does it need to be something Looking Glass Factory specific?

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Hey Nomad! It can be anything, as long as it’s in the ‘scifi’ theme.

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@nomadking , nice to know you gonna do something , Im busy with a second entry, now I have motivation to make it as good as possible knowing you are entering :wink:

ps … my entry this time is not neon hologram style either … just a cool model.

@bartv They mention poly limit and material limit , but I cant remember seeing texture limit… I mean one material could have 5 or 6 heavy textures. Multiply that with their material limit and then the model becomes super heavy. But since it is loaded local maybe that does not matter…?

Also others have questioned and now me regarding rendering capabilities of the device in comparison to sketchfab? Especially in regards to Post process effects and also transparency capabilities…

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I’m in the planning and scheming phase of my master plan… :speak_no_evil:


That’s just fine, as long as we can get it in .gltf or .obj format in the end that’ll do nicely.


Ok, thanks!

What a cool subject. I’m in!

First test for the scene. This is the hologram part. The texture resolution is low but that is what I’m aiming for in the finalised scene. The density of the points will probably be higher depending on how much detail is needed in the object.

Can you guess what/who this is? :slight_smile:


I love the subject of this contest! :star_struck:
I will try to publish my participation soon. I’ve seen some entries and they look great! :0

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Here is my first entry :slight_smile: but I used single sided face rendering. Is it supported by the looking glass ?
Thank you for your answer :smiley:
Have a nice day !


Progress on the hologram. It is missing a few pixels.

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Hi, i’ve found this challenge randomly, and the subject is really interesting ! There is already some good entries, you guys are rocking :clap:

It does inspire me, so i’ll might give it a try, if i find the time to do it ! See you later :slight_smile:

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