[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Modeling Challenge: Holograms of the Future

i think i have an interesting idea. so, i will join this challenge hahaha…
so i’ve been thinking about how the projector project the hologram and the design of the projector. so i made a robot, something like things that help you get an information maybe. so here is my progress.
hope i can finish this project hahaha


@nomadking my second model is finished, waiting till closer to deadline before i reveal it as I dont want to give away any ideas :wink: Better come with your A game as this one is a good one … well i think it is hehe

Some data:

13k poly
4 materials
10 textures , totaling 2.11mb

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Show off! I guess I’m gonna have to beat those stats… I’m aiming for 0 textures and 10k polys! :nerd_face:

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game on! im sure yours is gonna be epic!

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here’s my entry to Holograms of the Future :slight_smile: but i’m having trouble embedding this model for some reason!


Don’t use the embed code - just add the link to your model on an empty line and it’ll turn into the viewer.

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ok here is my second entry :wink: good luck to all working over the weekend to get something done on time!

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Hi there! Nice contest, I will give it a try!
Time is not on my side but I already have a nice concpet for my entry :slight_smile:

ah yes thanks bart! not enough sleep i think :stuck_out_tongue: i’m sure i knew that once

so I’ve evolved the cube a bit in to the Looking Glass logo, makes more sense than a cube i think…

I know its hologram based but i’ve tried to use the glint from the cube reflection rotations to be eye-catching in its own right, just like a real glass object would be when it catches the light :slight_smile:

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Since my scene comprises of a mini world , here are some close up shots showing the art style used in more detail. I also wanted to show the maps made to texture the scifi crate, some baked down in blender, others done in 3dcoat.

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Hi, so there are my entries for the challenge, a long one and a shorter one. This is a sci-fi deer hologram

Good luck to everyone ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Update of my project:

I’m finishing the textures and it’s getting closer to the result I was looking for.
I think that for this contest I will delete the bridge and leave the girl alone because maybe it looks bad inside the holographic display of Looking Glass :thinking:

-One doubt: Reading the rules of the contest says that it has to be “original works”. Does it mean that it has to be something 100% mine? (my work is a scene from Rlade Runner 2049) Thanks! :3

I wonder if sound is supported in looking glass 3D importer.:thinking:

My first entry :purple_heart:

I’ve seen incredible holograms! Good luck to everyone!

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“Fzzz… Doctor Parker here… fzzz…fzzz… Saturn 10 Research Center …fzzz…positive feedback… fzzz… I repeat…fzzz… positive feedback…fzzz… there is sign of life…fzzz…” [connection interrupted]

hi there! here’s my entry! :wink:
good luck everyone!


This is my first entry for this challenge. Maybe just one hha…
Good luck to everyone…

now with animation


Finally done with my entry:

@shaderbytes I went over my poly aim, but I’m blaming that on having to double my geometry to get the back facing effect I wanted! :wink:


Very very nice indeed , some other stellar entries came in over the weekend, I think im the underdog here again sigh haha well done.

ps for interest sake for the multi colours do you use separate materials ( not the doubling , I understand why you had to do that ) i mean just for colour. Like on mine I create an atlas of color squares , then for each color i just unwrap in any fashion and scale those uv points into a single pixel space and place it in the middle of the color square, eg :

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No atlas just a single colour per material. I probably should have stuck to using textures though, as I’m having problems setting up the correct colours in the MTL file to make the download as accurate as possible :nerd_face:

Thinking about it, I used an atlas the last time I did flat colour stuff… not sure why I didn’t bother this time!

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