[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Modeling Challenge: Mechanical Animals


(Nebulousflynn) #1

Happy New Year! For our first challenge of 2019, we invite you to model a mechanical animal. Will it be insect, mammal, fish, bird, or something else entirely? The animal world is your oyster (mechanical oyster?).

For full prize and rule details be sure to read the blog post:

(Shaka Zl) #2

Saw that one of the rules was posting here about working on the challenge. In this thread, or making new ones? Forum interface is a bit confusing. Sorry, it’s my first post here.

(Nebulousflynn) #3

Hi @shaka.zl and welcome to the forums!

To enter, you just need to upload your model with the correct tag (#MechAnimalChallenge) - posting on the forum is optional.

Post your final entry(s) here for people to see / give feedback.

However, if you want to share a lot of work-in-progress updates then I suggest you create another thread. You can always drop a link to that here so people see it.

(Drbanana) #4

I want made model of mechanical blue crab like this

So i prepare this short wip in pic:
I try to sculpt simple form of body, with two versions, version with seams of tiles and version of smooth mesh for projection polymesh

midpoly model with details

Simple FK rig

Final pose and particles of air bubbles under water

(Drbanana) #5

(Mountrise) #6

Im making a chameleon, coming soon! :smiley:

(Norgeotloic) #7

I’ve been wanting to try those kind of models for a long time in order to practice and get better at mechanical modeling, and maybe animation, in which I have close to zero skills :frowning:

Here is a WIP, a somewhat mechanical shark directly based on the sculpture “The Timber Beneath” from Stephen Lambert:

I love this sculptor’s style, and could try to model in more details and animate another machine in this style.

@nebulousflynn Did you (Sketchfab, not you personnaly of course :wink: ) dumped the challenge announcements in the Newsfeed? I just discovered the existence of the challenge thanks to a model of someone I’m following, as I never saw the announcement in a Newsfeed banner (I must admit I’m not a regular forum user though…).

@drbanana Nice crab you’ve got there !

(Nebulousflynn) #8

The newsfeed features a rotation of all new blog posts, not just challenges and not all posts are featured for long.

We announce the challenges on the blog, forum and send out segmented email blasts to people we think will be interested (e.g. people who have joined similar challenges in the past, have chosen a particular user category e.g. “Individual - 3D Scanning Enthusiast”).

Hope that makes things clear and glad that you discovered this challenge through a 3D model.

(Asaito) #9

Hi, everyone.
I’d like to submit these two models made with procedural workflow.

(Drbanana) #10

thank you=)

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #11

Here’s my entry for this challenge, a mechanical almost steampunk octopus! Hope y’all like as I like all of the models posted here so far
If I have more time I’ll probably improve this model, add more details to the body and tentacles and give it a more realist look. But even if I don’t I’m proud of it as it is!

(Mountrise) #12

Here is my little chameleon!! :smiley:

(Norgeotloic) #13

And here is my entry for this challenge, a “robotic” caterpillar:

@nebulousflynn Thanks for your answer Thomas. I deduced that the banners were indeed linked to the latest news on the blog, I must just have missed that one :slight_smile: . Interesting to know that the mails are sent according to the profile you choose on your profile too, i might pay closer attention to that, thanks!

@asaito Have you detailed your workflow somewhere? Those models of yours look truly amazing!

(Glumais) #14

“Here piggy, piggy…”
My terminator hog for the challenge

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #15

So instead of improving my other model I decided to give life to a new one.
A neon dragonfly for my second entry.

(Irratium) #16

My first entry to a Sketchfab challenge and it was a ton of fun! While looking for inspiration I bumped on this absolutely adorable mechanical horse toy made in the 1950s or so, and decided to model it based on the reference with some minor tweaks here and there. Hope it’s “mechanical enough” to fit into the theme :wink:

(Icebox X708) #17

Here is my Contribution:

(Mezbreezedesign) #18

Last minute entry!

(Snifel) #19

Here’s my entry too.

(Plasticarm) #21

Had some technical problems with the fins detached from the body and the double sided shading not working when I uploaded yesterday. Fixed the issues a day late, but I wanted to share anyways since I was happy how this biomech seahorse turned out.