[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Modeling Challenge: Mechanical Animals


(William Domeyer) #22

Completely forgot to link to my submission for the challenge!

I wanted to combine a few different animals together to get a very interesting shape or my mechanical animal. I put together a mantis shrimp, manta ray, and a whale complete with remora to give an otherwordly yet grounded feel to the project.

The WIP version is here;

and the Final with R3M-0RA added;

Everyone had amazing ideas and work and It was great to see the wonderful turn out! Good luck to everyone!

(Abby Crawford) #23

And the winner is...

It is polishing time! by goldengrifon

Here are some of the judges' comments:

Kevin: “I choose this one as the first prize because it has all basics (the idea,modeling, texture etc.) done perfectly, but also the little details of animation, for example the retractable claws and “balls” are moving perfectly.”

Mieke: “Need I say more? Perfect in execution, mesh, textures and animation”

Phil: “It’s rare to see someone come up with a funny concept and go through with it to the end, including great execution in the areas of animation, modeling, texturing!”

A big thank you to all who participated! Your entries were a great way to kick off the 2019 challenges. :whale2: :elephant: :bug: :crab:

(Nomadking) #24

Congrats to the winner and everyone for taking part! :+1:

The entries in this one where super impressive - lots of inspiration stuff for people who love robots - like me! :robot: