[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Modeling Challenge: Vending Machines


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niiice! I love the ground texture. Check this out, maybe it will help you as a ref https://sc01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB10BHnNVXXXXbVXFXXq6xXFXXXG/221422952/HTB10BHnNVXXXXbVXFXXq6xXFXXXG.jpg

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Update: trying out different colors for the blockout

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(Andy Begg) #45

Here is a cycles render of my very inconspicuous secret agent party essentials vending Machine. If I have time this weekend I will add a forth item into the machine, and do some minor tweaking.

and of coarse here is the updated sketchfab scene (so you don’t have to scroll up)

(Juliocruzalta) #46

Here my vending machine model… :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: back to the stream: https://www.twitch.tv/mm_sticky

(Eve Lawrence) #48

whats up gamers my name’s Eve and I don’t know what vending machines look like B- )

Going with an abandoned vending machine in a post-apocalyptic forest, dragged under a tree by a scavenger who uses it to store CDs she finds in empty houses. I’m not super experienced with 3D modelling or… doing things on time… but I’m aiming to get handpainted textures done tomorrow!

(Azusanyan1992) #49

Spark plugs vending machine.

(Nicolioos) #50

Bubble tea vending machine!

(Belware Arts) #51

Just finished my model for the contest :slight_smile:

(Nat The Witch) #52

And I’m done ! Here’s my book vending machine !

(Xbp28) #53

Hello, I enter the challenge with my vending machine of old item of the world of Mario with a futuristic and dilapidated style. :smiley:

(Nebulousflynn) #54

Great work everyone!

Just over 12 hours left to finish up / get your entries in… :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #55

im sure i have seen a mario vending machine before on blender artists. was this your inspiration? anyway great work :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #56

here is the image i was thinking about , ok the vending machine is a background prop here but it came to mind when i saw your entry :wink:

(Xbp28) #57

No I was not inspired by this, I did some research to see if the concept of vending machines Mario had been done but I did not find anything, I was inspired by:


(Shaderbytes) #58

love the sponge bob scene :wink: It was a great inspiration indeed and your model came out awesome.

(Deployer) #59

Here is my vending machine of electric jigsaws, don’t ask why…


Too late, still wanna share my entry… doggie, drumstick and the body spare part vending machine. :slight_smile:
[doggies & drumstick] https://sketchfab.com/models/4c980f434a2243c786d184dcf33d91e3

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last version: