[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Remix Challenge


(Nebulousflynn) #1

If you’ve ever wished you could collaborate with master artists a thousand years ago – now’s your chance! We want you to re-imagine some of the amazing historical art and artifacts that have been uploaded to Sketchfab by museums, archaeologists and 3D scanners from around the world.

Be sure to check out the announcement blog post for inspiration, links to downloadable models to remix plus details of rules, terms and prizes:

(Icarus) #2

Planning to UV (maybe Retop) and texture the Dragon with pearl model - https://skfb.ly/M7sW
Might use Dragon Ball Shenron colours and change the pearl to a Dragon Ball xD

(Dark Minaz) #3

Started doodling on the dragon, because, well it’s a dragon :slight_smile: work tomorrow a bit more on it :slight_smile:

(Nebulousflynn) #4

@Icarius @dark_minaz it is a great model to start with :dragon:

My hope is that somebody will choose some 3D from one of the big museums to work with - I know they are keen to prove how the 3D they release under CC license can be creatively reused.

Some gentle suggestions :wink::

The British Museum
Minneapolis Institute of Art
Alienor.org, Conseil des musées
Idaho Virtualization Laboratory
Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
The Royal Armoury
Musée Saint-Raymond
Timespan Museum And Arts Centre
Glasgow Museums
Indianapolis Museum of Art
MAA Cambridge
Allard Pierson Museum

(Dark Minaz) #5

Is it allowed to add parts to a scan? i do have some more ideas once i finish my painted dragon :slight_smile:
The british museum got some really nice ones id love to build into a scene but id have to edit a few parts here and there to make it work

(Nebulousflynn) #6

Add, modify, combine, paint, sculpt, retopologise, decimate, duplicate - use any techniques you like to remix artifacts into something fresh and new :sparkles:

(Dark Minaz) #7

Ah great, so my next model (if i find enough time) will be an egyptian entrance to the underworld, there seem to be enough cool models from the museum to create something round that with a few small extra pieces.

(Dark Minaz) #8

And my first entry is done

Looking forward to seeing a lot of creative ideas, was a lot of fun working on this one today

(Nebulousflynn) #9

don’t forget to tag it #CHRemixChallenge :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #10

Alright started my 2nd project, this time with a bit different workflow.
Mainly using maya for retopo, 3dcoat for uv’s
xnormal to bake

once i get all the textures and materials to be “lowres” ill put them all into a scene and try to combine the feeling between them.

started with the basic bake of one of the parts i am planing to use :wink: 3 more models to go and then start to make the scene, ill post some updates in this post

birdy is also done :wink:

3/4 one more and then i can start with the scene tomorrow and setting it all together

also finished the lion now, started a bit to high on the right but i wanted to keep most of the details as good as possible

(Danielpett) #11

Super to see @dark_minaz using the Rosetta stone and Horus. Look forward to the outcome. You can use any of my downloadable scans of heritage stuff too on my profile. I’d post the link, but disabled as a new user.

(Dark Minaz) #12

Already got the 4 models (well some will be x2 so in total 6) models for my planed scene, but if it doesn’t look as imagined in my head (i hardly ever make concept drawings for my plans :P) ill add some more.
you got some nice models, but i don’t really see one that would fit my current idea, but i am impressed by how many great scans are out there to use, never really noticed it that strongly.

Might do some more from time to time after the contest ends if i see a nice scan of something with my personal interests. So did add +1 follower to your list and a fav on my firefox

(Danielpett) #13

Look forward to seeing what you do. The Rosetta stone was hard to scan, wasn’t much room in the case. Thank you for the follow!

(Dark Minaz) #14

my very basic idea, ill work on the scene tomorrow, just a basic blockout so far of the plan.

did take some inspiration from the real temples and decided to expand it a bit, going to search for some more scans now that might fit :wink:

(Thiago Coser) #15

I loved the idea of this challenge, thank you guys! Here´s my contribution: this chess queen piece (circa 1150-1175) taken form the British Museum collection. She´s living in an anxious world now, too busy to play. I hope you like it!

(Dark Minaz) #16

My uv for the rest of my scene

My scene so far
still a bit of tweaking and some higher bakes for some parts in order but i am pretty tired now :slight_smile:

8 Scans used in total, mostly by the british museum, but ill credit them all in the end if someone wants to see what i did with each piece :slight_smile:

(Nebulousflynn) #17

heehee! great fun :smiley:

(Nebulousflynn) #18

Not an entry to the challenge but I thought you all might appreciate this blog post that just went live - a 3D scan I made of Rodin’s The Gates of Hell was re-used and animated as a backdrop to a theatrical production of Mozart’s Requiem:

(Trelobyte) #19

Hi i Just uploaded The Discobolus Curl Noise for the 3D Remix Challenge :slight_smile: comments and critics are welcome. Here is the model.

(Nebulousflynn) #20

Very cool - I like how it’s recognisable but a very different aesthetic to the cold, carved marble of the original. Makes me think of wound wool :slight_smile: