[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Scan Challenge: A Square of Ground

Help us build a patchwork of 3D scans!

For this month’s scan challenge we want you crop out a small square of ground from your part of the world and share it with the rest of the 3D community. It might be your bedroom floor or an ancient mosaic; the leaves on a forest floor or the cobblestones from the center of town - anything unique to your neighborhood.

Be sure to read up on all the prizes, rules and guidelines in the announcement blog post:


I think I already have an idea or two for this one. Will be fun :slight_smile:

how big should the square be ? :))

my first entry - how many can you have ?


Sounds like a fun project! Might join if I find the time :slight_smile:

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@AlexNan squares can be as big or small as you like! (try and keep the poly count low tho :slight_smile: As many entries as you like!

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I’m in. :smiley: Should have some other scans up soon too.

First one is up:


2nd entry - I have a few more coming - I`m not sure why, but 3DF shows me some holes in the model :confused: didn’t manage to find out how to fix them so I made final adjustments in Recap Photo-


You can use the “fill holes” mesh filter in zephyr or try using the “watertightness” slider in the mesh generation (advanced settings), after that, generate the textured mesh as usual :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting challenge!! I am a beginner in 3d scanning and I want to give a try.

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found it, thanks ! (do I need to click every single time on it ? I don’t like auto fill, so I want to make it step by step, but it disappears after each step and I need to start again)

My first attempt on a chalenge, I’m not really sure if model capping is allowed, so let me know if I need to change it.

Looks nice, yuelands. What kind of area did that come out of?

Thanks, it is the floor/paviment of a square in Granada, not really touristic place but centric.

No problem :slight_smile:

Depends, if you want to select specific holes, yes. But i usually use the size slider, so that i can quickly select a bunch of holes below a certain size. Most of the time with a couple of filters application i can fill all the holes i want to this way


Great to see entries coming in :slight_smile:

Reminder that you should crop to a square please! :black_square_button:

@yuelands - yes, closing off geometry is a-ok.

This is a lovely idea for a challenge.
Are you aware of the smiliar Earth Pieces of The Boyle Family (boylefamily.co.uk)?
An extract from their methodology “Manual for the Journey”:

The objective of this Journey will be to make multi-sensual presentations of 1000 sites selected at random from the surface of the earth. Between August 1968 and July 1969 blindfolded members of the public selected these sites, initially by throwing darts and eventually by shooting them into what turned out to be an enormous map of the world. However big the map, the dart point inevitably covered a considerable area and so could only be an approximation of the site. A larger scale map of the area covered by the dart point is then obtained and a further dart is fired to select the actual spot. Perhaps if large scale maps of the area are not available it will be necessary to draw one. On arrival at the actual spot an area 6 feet square is selected at random. The method of selecting the actual square varies, depending on the terrain (e.g. on a flat treeless piece of ground a right angled piece of metal thrown into the air will determine one corner when it lands, and the lines can be produced to form two sides of the 6 ft. square. Vertical or suspended elements on the site must be included in the total area from which the selection of the final square is made). Everything else about the Journey must depend to some extent on what is possible in the realm of equipment, materials, transport etc. etc. And the size of the finished work, though as near as possible to 6 feet square, must depend on the difficulty of the terrain it has to be transported through. But nothing must be allowed to affect the random selection procedure. It may well be that on the site, geographical or botanical or animal features will pose conceptual problems. These must all be dealt with in a random manner that removes the possibility of personal subjective selection of the site. The arrows on the detail maps in this atlas give only a rough approximation. In every case a further dart will be thrown at a large scale map of the district to select the actual spot.

Here’s number 2, with some stuff on my filthy carpet that needs to spend some quality time with a vacuum asap.

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