[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Scan Challenge: Technology


(Nebulousflynn) #1

Calling all technophiles! This month’s 3D scanning challenge is a chance to capture your favourite piece of technology – large or small, gadgets or machines, electronic or mechanical – anything goes.

Lots of plain plastics, shiny metal and transparent parts should provide you with quite a bit of work to overcome, be sure to share your tips and tricks in this thread!

Read the full details and rules on the blog

(Smallpoly) #3

Sounds like fun. Wish I had access to a huge factory or something.


While that would be fun, look around you! A phone, camera, mouse, typewriter, anything goes!

(Feyfolken Km) #5

So quiet...

(Bart) #6

I'm trying to decide what to scan. Does cardboard machinery count? :slight_smile:

(Feyfolken Km) #7

Why not?

(Nebulousflynn) #8

@bartv 'primitive technology' is definitely allowed :slight_smile: ...now wondering if you've built a super computer out of cardboard

(Bart) #9

We're on it! :slight_smile:

(Alban) #10

Here is my entry! Old tech :slight_smile: https://skfb.ly/6uApE

(Rigsters) #11

And here is my favourite piece of technology!

a messy messy scan of our prototype rig for automating photogrammetry, I hope you like it :slight_smile:

(Feyfolken Km) #12

Is this auto-rotating camera?

(Rigsters) #13

It has 5 moving axes it total, which let positioning cameras pretty much to any angle towards the object. This comes in quite useful for photogrammetry :slight_smile: and the software automates positioning, movements, and capture. (still, work in progress as you can see :slight_smile: )

(Feyfolken Km) #14

Nice! Hand-made?

(Rigsters) #15

@Feyfolken-Km yep, all homemade, mostly from off-the-shelf components

(Nebulousflynn) #16

Here's my entry - with music too :notes:

80 pics, Canon G7x, aligned in PhotoScan, processed in RealityCapture, optimised with Instant Meshes and Blender.

Audio recorded on my phone :slight_smile:

(Calvin Nz) #17

That is so great!!!! Awesome Idea.

(3dhdscan) #18

Hi, here is my post.

(Nebulousflynn) #19

great detail @3dhdscan - almost like visiting the museum myself :slight_smile:

(John Greenstone) #20

Time to try my brand new everyday-scan-tool Galaxy S7 (200$ bytheway). 130 shots to .dng.
and really fast shots because really cold!

(Calvin Nz) #21

This is my entry into the Technology Challenge. This is very old technology but technology all the same.

This was found in The Tauranga Lakes District in New Zealand before all the development happened. It is approx between 600 to 800 Years old.

Created with a turntable and 6 Megapixel Nikon Camera and 2500k lighting.