[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Scanning Challenge: Interiors #InteriorScanChallenge

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts and that’s certainly true for this month’s 3D scanning competition! We want you to scan an entire room or indoor space as completely as possible. Let’s transport people around the world in VR!

As an added bonus, this week’s challenge is sponsored by CapturingReality with entrants getting a two week trial license of their RealityCapture software (details of how to get one of these are in the Rules section). Here’s what they have to say about the challenge:

“Everyday we see lot of amazing 3D models. That is why we are really excited about this room/indoor space scanning challenge. It is not an easy task; therefore, we are very curious how the contestants will handle it. This contest is also a perfect opportunity for those who have not tried RealityCapture yet as we are offering limited number of licenses for the duration of contest.”

TL;DR: Scan a room or indoor space as completely as possible, upload it to Sketchfab and tag it #InteriorScanChallenge

Read full details on the blog.

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Seems there’s no replies yet, but seeing as the rules section says to post here for the CapturingReality trial licenses, I’ll do it here :slight_smile: Definitely something I’d like to take part in - scanning interiors is what I upload to Sketchfab!

I have quite a few projects that I’ve never liked how they turned out with Photoscan that might be fun to submit, and a new camera that would be perfect for taking out for a trial run someplace!

I’d also like to request a trial license for this software and such as well. :slight_smile: I Plan on scanning a basement area, but I will have a bunch of different light sources. If room brightness matters, I’m assuming it does. :smiley:

@9of9 @creativeblendproduct awesome! I’ll DM you a license.

Awesome! Just have a few questions. :smiley: Is their a limit on the license as far as features go? And is their a time limit for using it? Like do I have to get the software right away? Thanks.

I don’t think it’s feature limited. You need to activate the license before August 28, and after that it’ll be valid for 14 days.

Hi! it is code for promo license, so there is no CLI and it’s limited to 2500 pictures per one scan. Nevertheless, you can create amazing 3D models with it :slight_smile:


Ok thanks. :smiley:

Hey! I would love to try RC to scan the interior of my garage.

Ive not done much with interiors but id love to give it a go.
Can i have an activation code please…

Wow, this is a very complicate contest. I think I will scan my apartment´s livingroom, because is a mess…too many toys of my daugther laying on the floor, :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m interested! I think I have something to test with CR

I’d like to request a trial please! I plan on capturing my room for the project! It’s vibrant with alot of art and i have wanted to try this for a while.

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Hi CR i already particpated made a tag and post what i did in the forum, shall i made something else?

I’d also like to request a trial. I’d like to try doing either the break room at my workplace, and/or one of the rooms in my apartment.

@smallpoly @Alexthelion9 @tom3dgeo @krisatkingston @andrei1100

I’ve just sent you a DM with your RC promo license codes!

Sounds like a challenge! Did you want to request a trial license for RealityCapture too?

Hi @tornado2011 - you can enter as many scans as you like in the challenge. Were you also intersted in a promotional license for RC?

So do I download the free trial version then? Or is their another way to do it? :slight_smile:

You download the trial version from the CapturingReality website, register and enter your trial license code into your account. Then, you sign in to the RealityCapture application on your desktop and it will validate your license.