[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Scanning Challenge: Point Cloud Garden #PlantPointsChallenge

Hey all! Here’s where you can post your WIPs for the new 3D Scanning challenge, theme Plants and Flowers, offer constructive critique, or just get inspired! Remember that the goal is point cloud scans.

To enter, be sure to add the #PlantPointsChallenge tag to your scene.

Hi, very interesting challenge, but i have a question,
never uploaded point clouds before, just 3d models,
how is this done in i use Reality Capture? Any helps?


Export mesh from RealityCapture as cloud

Thanks Vlad! That sounds not very complicated :wink:

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@nedo and others who may have questions, @nebulousflynn just put out a tutorial to help you from start to finish!

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i think the hardest part of challenge is to get the names of the flowers :slight_smile: when i buy flowers i can ask of their name - but ill get a common “folk” name of the flower, not even official name of flower in my language :slight_smile: i ll need some botany classes for this one :slight_smile: btw - it doesn’t say if the model has to be downloadable. does it have to be?

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I’ve got the same problem with naming. I’ve got to wait for my wife to get home to tell me what she planted. :smile:

I’m off on a much needed vacation on Saturday, so I’m submitting early.

Is it cool to change alter the model or description before the deadline?

(apologies if this was already covered)

I really hate leaving multiple messages in a row like this but I have to move fast.

My entry is HERE

Please feel free to critique. I’ve never uploaded a dense point cloud like this.

I’m also unsure of if I’ve got it tagged correctly. If someone can verify it for me that’d be great!


Nope, it doesn’t not have to be downloadable!

Looks really beautiful!

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So I have a bunch of tulips in front of my house. Took a bunch of pictures today and tried to process them via VisualSFM and MeshLab.

But it was windy and the flowers were bobbing around, so one of the things that does not show up at all is the tulips.

WIP is here: https://skfb.ly/6qqqX

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Thank you! That’s really appreciated.

I’m glad I was able to get a submission in on this competition. I missed the deadline by a mile on that last one.

So, ill try these : yellow Gerbera (daisy?) peony (?) lupin (?) probably these are their names… or not :slight_smile:

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Can you densify that cloud? It might be diagnosable but I can’t see where to start.

hey - yeah sounds like you figured out the problem yourself, for photogrammetry to work the subject needs to be perfectly static. A tiny amount of movement might be ok for this challenge but nothing extreme.

I scanned our flowering banana tree (turns out it’s technically a herb):



Hi, will be a very hard challenge for me, I will try these:

But I really don´t know the name…:frowning: hehehehe. I will try to get the name.

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This challenge is a great idea, and quite “challenging” too !

I use .LAS point cloud format, but once uploaded the colours don’t display, the whole thing is black. However, when I open the .LAS file in another software (global mapper) the colours are definitely there. Any idea what the problem might be ???

It might be a bougainvillea ( https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bougainvillea ) It would need a closer look on the flowers to be sure !