[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Scanning Challenge: Tree Stumps

(Bart) #1

We were stumped about what the theme of our next scanning challenge should be when it hit us like an acorn falling from an oak: tree stumps. They’re all over the place, and they’re a great subject for scanners of all skill levels. So get out there and see what you can capture.

Please note that there is a new rule, which is intended to level the playing field a bit: if you have won a contest in the past three months, you are ineligible to win this contest. You can, of course, still participate, and you will become eligible to win again after three months have passed.

TL;DR: 3D Scan a tree stump using your preferred tools and software, upload it to Sketchfab and tag the model #StumpChallenge.

Be sure to read the announcement blog post for full rules and how to enter:


(Oakeshott) #2

This is a great idea! An excellent subject to really refine your skills on. I’m going to be on the hunt for stumps all over the cities this weekend, see what I can find. As for my first idea, it’s not what you might think of as a traditional stump, but it is a stump, and I have been wanting to make this model for a while. I’ll probably be doing a better version over the next week if I get a chance. Tell me what you think!

(Alex Nan) #3

Doesn’t load for me, iphone 6s / safary.
I remember since I was a kid :sweat_smile: had a log like this, filled with nails; brings back memories

(Kyboky) #4

This is my entry for this challenge, I’ll try to refine it more till the end of challenge. I hope you like it.

(Vondagar) #5

There are many details here, good work!

(Gavez) #6

I’ve been planning to scan this tree stump for a while and the challenge has motivated me to do it finally. Love how plant is growing through mushroom and both give life to an old rotten stump. RC/185 images, still raw exported, planing to touch up model/reproject texture, before uploading the final entry version. Hope you like it and good luck!


(Benediktbockisch) #7

Pretty nice scans here already. I’m quite new to photogrammetry, so I’d like to read your feedback on my work. Here are my scans for the #StumpChallenge :

(Lukas Margelis) #8

Nice scans so far, I actually did some scanning way back, but when I saw this challenge, I instantly ran to local park and scanned random stump.

My older scan with shrooms on it.

(Peter54) #9

Nice scans everyone!

I’m pretty much hobby level with my scan work. I take photos with my iphone 7 but am planning to buy a decent camera sometime in the future. I ended up scanning 3 different stumps over the weekend. The first one was part of a friends garden railroad that I had a train pose in front of it and the last two are large old stumps I found in a forest.

I processed my photos in Agisoft Photoscan.

(Oakeshott) #10

So I hit up a stump in a more urban area near me, and hopefully tomorrow will be heading out to take pictures of some stumps in more natural settings. This is actually proving to be a really interesting look at the various environments around where I live.

(Lucas3 D) #11

So many impressive and tight models being shown!
My first challenge at sketchfab, there’s a good element of exploration involved, though I only found a few candidates in the day that was walking around.

I created a time lapse of the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVe8tmbN3Ec

(Alban) #12

Here is my entry! 79 pics + photoscan

(Oakeshott) #13

Another stump for the pile. These have been a blast to do, and have been forcing me to deal with problems I normally don’t have. I look forward to seeing what other stumps I can capture before the end of the contest!

(Mantas T) #15

here is my dead tree: https://skfb.ly/6BX7C

(Mak11) #16

Here are my two entries for the challenge. First time posting on here and publicly uploading content on Sketchfab. Hope you like it.

First entry for the Tree #StumpChallenge and actually my first ever publicly posted model on Sketchfab. Particularly original Tree stump located in the Parc of Vitel in France. The tree was sculpted in the form of a Goat’s face. Wasn’t initially planning on doing this asset because of the low number of photos (only 50 and I didn’t even have time to shoot all of it) and quality (shot on a Nokia 7 Plus smartphone with exposure all over the place). But I thought that this was a good occasion to sharpen my skills and try to restore as much a possible.

Tree Stump in bad shape with some roots from bigger trees nearby.



(Mixaanderson) #17

Hi, enjoy my stumps.

(Vitalii Uspalenko) #18

Hello everyone. My entry for the challenge:

Artificial stump by Vitalii Uspalenko on Sketchfab

I’ve made 2 versions of the model - this one with standart shader and second one with PBR (https://skfb.ly/6BYCX). Which one fits better challenge requirements?

(Nmenu) #19

My participation in the #StumpChallenge

This is a tree stump lost in the middle of an enchanted forest, near la Sagne, Switzerland Sculpted by Georges-André Favre who devoted most of his life sculpting trees in the respect of the forest spirits.

low res. model 30MB

These 2 images above are taken from the full resolution 3D model (not a simple camera picture)

After hiking up an hour and back down, I realized the camera settin was set on Small picts… neverthless, here it is. 300 pictures, processed on Autodesk Recap Photo.
I had to decimate the original result by 85% (yes 85!), and had to downgrade the texture size by half, in order to fit the project in the 50MB limit I have on model upload from the sketchfab site, but I the result is still pretty ok, even if not as good as the original full res. model.

(If someone at sketchfab have a trick for me to upload a better resolution model, please let me know and I will do so.)

Thanks for the contest and Cheers from Switzerland
Nicolas M

(Oakeshott) #20

So here’s the final version of the Arms and Armor work stump. In addition to having a cleaner scan than the last one, I cleaned up the high res model, and added material properties to all the different tools. It was a really fun one to work on!

(Altermind) #21

Here is my little attempt at a scan. I suppose I should have made it more funky… but I went for a pure scan >.< (so used to keeping things clean for games)