[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Scanning Challenge: Walls


This week we challenge you to create a 3D scan of a wall, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #WallScanChallenge.

Read the blog post announcement for full prize and rule details:

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made a quick entry myself - trying out painting an alpha mask in Blender for presentation purposes…

Unfortunately here are some seams in the texture because I forgot to edit it after exporting from reality capture :man_shrugging:


Here’s my entry. A WW2 bomb damaged church wall in London. Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:


Awesome - an event in history recorded by a humble wall!


A friendly face set into a garden wall up for the challenge


This is something I did when testing the scanning of the Wacom tablet with the included Artec Studio software #Artec3D. It was an impressive solution, just like #sketchfab

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Here is my second attempt of photogrammetry done with my iphone on the road to catch my kids back from school. It an old castle sitting in the village close to where i live.

I still need to figure out, on how to export all the pbr’s map from Meshroom (i realy like this free tool :slight_smile:

Best luck to everyone.


Welcome to the forum @patrickthorn @studio3WG!

Thanks for sharing your scans here :slight_smile:

I made another scan of a section of wall from a local priory - tried a new presentation style: Ambient Occlusion + Alpha Maps:


Historic arch and wall, not sure it will qualify as a wall but it’s all I have, good luck everyone


There is definitely quite a bit of wall in there! :+1:

here is my stab at walls. wooden ones this time

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Hi y’all,
had the chance to scan few walls for I am an archaeologist, but I wanted to participate with other kind of walls!

First one was scanned last November in Venice, Italy. Second one (soap wall) was scanned October 2017 in Saida, Lebanon.

Punta della Dogana, Venezia. Wall by Carlo Baione on Sketchfab

Wall of soap bars, Soap Museum Saida (Lebanon) by Carlo Baione on Sketchfab

Hope y’all enjoy,

Here’s my take for this. A low brick wall. Cleaned it up. Original mesh used 240+ images with 40m tris (my computer is still complaining :joy:).

p/s: Uploaded using my personal account since I don’t want to mix the modeling style in this account with scanned ones.

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Hi everyone,
this is my model of a piece of an old group of row houses in my hometown, Civitanova Marche, Italy.

103 pics
hope you like it


Hello everyone,

I scanned an ancient wall at the Louvre, in Paris : a poetry contest !

I also tried to scan something more unusual :slight_smile:


Another one!

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Here are two sections of a stone wall located at the Domaine National de Marly le Roi, France. The goal was to make fairly high quality real-time assets while retaining as much geometric detail as possible, especially the vines (base meshes where 40M Polys each then cleaned up, decimated and retopo work done). All maps are 8K (from base 16K texture) created in substance Designer & Painter (to fix and refine quite a few sections given that I only shot approx 100 pictures for each section).

Feel free to zoom in close to check all the tiny details etc. If you have a VR headset its even better.

Wall #1 :

Wall #2:


My third and last entry : a piece of the Berlin Wall located in Paris. Unfortunately it is covered with ads (mostly political ads). https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/berlin-wall-in-paris-wallscanchallenge-837226aa89274ccc9cc56974f7755958

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