[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Scanning Challenge: Walls

Hi, this is my entry to the challenge and my second project in general.

Hi everyone !! ohh there are so many super interesting entries!!! I love how walls can be so packed with stories, this is mine, a scan I did in Machu Picchu

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Getting in just under the wire. I did a ton of photography on my work trip, including a bunch of pictures for wall models! Sadly my flight came in pretty late, so I only had time to make one model for this competition. Check it out!


They may not be in time for this competition, but keep an eye out for several wall models coming in the near future! I love the idea of walls telling stories, and want to explore that further.

You all captured a wonderful array of walls—tall walls, short walls, walls made out of vegetables and walls covered in locks, graffiti’d walls and dilapidated walls. Great work, everyone! It was a fun challenge to judge. You can check out all the entries here.

And the winner is...

Game Over VideoGames museum by @Austin.Beaulier

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“That’s SOME wall! I spent a lot of time drooling over those retro consoles.” - Bart (@bartv)

“4 walls and a whole lot of nostalgia, I spent a lot of time looking around.” - Tom (@nebulousflynn)

“Lots going on here! For such a challenging space (lots of shiny things), the model turned out remarkably crisp.” - Abby (@abbyec)