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[ENDED] Sketchfab 3D Sculpting Challenge: Underwater Creatures


(Bart) #1

Howdy! Here's where you can post your WIPs for the new 3D Sculpting Challenge, or just chat about hand sculpting and get inspiration for your entry.

To enter, be sure to add the #3DSculptUnderwater tag to your scene.

(Joansantus) #2

Nice! Another challenge and I did a crab for the last one :sweat_smile: I really enjoyed the tabletop one. Time to start drafting some ideas.

(Bart) #3

Brilliant, looking forward to your concepts :slight_smile:

(Quarinah) #4

Huh? What was that? I should make a giant squid that escapes and kills everyone? :slight_smile:

(Bart) #5

Here's some inspiration :wink:

(Iggy Design) #6

Hello guys! Here is my entry for the Underwater challenge.. Not sure if it needed to be posed or hollowed,or scaled...
I just posed it. Doesnt look as detailed as in Z-brush though.... Hopefully that is ok... :slight_smile:
Here is the thing:

(Twitte King) #7

Sounds interesting!!
@bartv dude! your inspiration is dangerous!!
@iggy_design so fast!!
i am thinking about a crab!! lets see if i am happy with it before the deadline!!

(Coolblu) #8

I am very interested! :slight_smile: I have a few ideas such as creating a leafy sea dragon, a plesiosaur, or even a box jellyfish!

(Dark Minaz) #9

@iggy looks great so far. Whatever this might be. Hoping to see quite a few of those nice little friendly monsters :wink:

(Bart) #10

@iggy_design great entry! No need to hollow it out, you won't be judged on printability. If you win and you want to save money you can do that later :wink:

@twitte_king good luck with the crab!

@Coolblu did you settle on an idea yet?

(Coolblu) #11


Yes I did! I may create more if I can but I am looking forward on creating the leafy sea dragon of my idea :slight_smile:

(Joansantus) #12

I was thinking on doing a sea dragon as reference too! Been playing fire emblem heroes and the manaketes with the leafy parts got my attention.

(Rybird) #14

I like it. Could be microscopic, Something parasitic and nasty to get. Yes, beautiful!

(Rybird) #15

Beautiful challenge. Thank you for the opportunity. My model is Kaliskach a deviation of the Goddess Kali as a Stingray at

(Jodixd) #16

Hi, I was just wondering, what should the topology be like? Clean/Optimised polys with a normal map or just a high poly triangulated mesh? :slight_smile:

(Leqsus) #17

I hope I win

(Dark Minaz) #18

whatever you like, it will probably run smoother optimized but this challenge is only based on the sculpting and idea. But you can finish the model with textures, optimization, normal map etc.

Same as with the last contest :slight_smile:

(Rybird) #19

I created a second higher poly version, both high by any gaming standards and painted. I am curious which is more emphasis for aesthetic art, "fine art" Lower poly or final finish? But here is my second alternative submission. and thank you for the opportunity.

(Unoquepasa) #20

hi,I found this when I was diving

(Unoquepasa) #21

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