[ENDED] Sketchfab + 3DF Zephyr Scanning Challenge: Love, Winter

(Bart) #1

'Tis the season for love and snow. This week we’re teaming up with 3DFlow for a 3D scanning challenge - just create a 3D scan of something that you love about winter, process it using 3DF Zephyr (Free version here), upload it to Sketchfab, and then go have a mug of cocoa. You’ve earned it.

For full prize and rule details be sure to read the blog post:


(Klymer41) #2

An angel in snow made with 3DF Zephyr Free

(Vitalii Uspalenko) #3

Can i use 3DF Zephyr Lite trial version for this challenge?

(Scottneb) #4

Yes, you may use any version of Zephyr.

(Pimplik) #5

Hey everybody! I love contests on a free topic and couldn’t miss this one:-)

Winter is my favorite season. I love huge flakes of snow.

In my childhood I often spent time with my grandmother in the village. So there is a small forest in which it is very beautiful in winter.

After the walk, she often treated me to tea with lemon and all sorts of sweets.
Therefore, I associate winter with lots of hot and tasty drinks.

To make it more interesting, I tried to collect my great-grandmother’s items; this is a cup holder and a teapot.
Traditional sweets of my hometown, Tula gingerbread and Belev marshmallow, also take part in the composition.

A bit of work process: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KazAGB

P.S. Of course, no one sprinkles the edges of the glass with sugar, this is the only thing that occurred to me to properly assemble the scan :slight_smile:

(Abby Crawford) #7

And the winners are...

Third Place: Snowboarding gear scan by @Vitalii_Uspalenko

Second Place: Scarpone Sci Head by @4D_Service

First Place: Winter track by @dronemapping

Here’s what the judges had to say about the first place winner:

“A neat and clean scan. The subject is simple, yet the texture is flawless, and the model is low poly and nicely done.” - Roberto Toldo from 3DFlow (in lieu of Andrea Alessi)

“You can almost hear the crunch of snow. Great textures.” - Tom

“I’m getting cold just by looking at it. What a great scan!” - Mieke

“Very nice 3D scan of something not that easy to scan. The scan succeeded to capture the texture and the feeling of snow. We can almost hear the sound of the footstep in the snow. And with a very reasonable amount of polygons. This scan smells like mountain with a slice of sun : )” - Geoffrey

A big thanks to everybody who participated! :snowflake:

(4 D Service) #8

Congratulation to the winner, very nice job. I think it was hard to take pictures without making footsteps!

(Dronemapping) #9

The shadow with the sunset was more challenging than the footstep. :wink:

(4 D Service) #10

Sadly there wasn’t any snow to capture. Not a proper winter weather after all :slight_smile: