[ENDED] Sketchfab April Challenge: 3D-ify This in Your Style

We’ve been so inspired by Draw This in Your Style threads on Instagram and Twitter that we have decided to put our twist on the theme.

We’re joining up with concept artist François Bourdin to launch our first 3D-ify This in Your Style challenge. Just reinterpret François’ Odin concept art in your 3D style, upload it to Sketchfab, giving concept credit to François, and tag it #Odin3DTIYSChallenge.

Full rules and prize details on the blog:


Great idea for the challenge and wonderful François Bourdin’s concept art. My entry here, hope you like it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great Challenge and shout out! to François Bourdin for a great concept art here’s My Entry hope you guys like it… Thanks


Haha, I love it :slight_smile:


Thanks ^^

does the Pose have to be the exact same as the concept ? for eg could I have Odin in a flying pose?

lovely challenge had fun doing this great concept by François Bourdin , however sadly i’m not familiar with high to lowpoly technicues so here’s a high poly render from keyshot

you can also check my entry here Digital Clay Odin - 3D model by zeyadibrahim000 (@zeyadibrahim000) [021ff7c] - Sketchfab


I had a really fun time with this challenge! I decided to changed up Odin’s pose a little so that he is holding a small bird.

Lit Shader



The pose does not have to be the exact same. Interpret the original art in your style, whatever that might involve. :slight_smile:

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Are we allowed to also alter the form? For example, depict Odin as robot (but still retain the same color scheme, silhouette, etc.)? Just want to make clear, since in one of the comment in the main thread it’s said to ‘stay as close to the original concept’ which could mean there’s only little room for improvisation (cmiiw).


Hey, guys! I guess it’s my second challenge on Sketchfab. Hope you’ll like my entry. I went a little overboard with my interpretation. Oh well, at least my Odin still has horns and bird poop splatters, so I guess can get away with the rest nonsense I did =P. Really enjoying all other entries so far.


The entries so far have all been fantastic. Great work everyone!

Here’s mine – I challenged myself to keep it relatively low poly without sacrificing too much detail.

Hope y’all like it.


finishing up my entry right now, want to upload late tonight or this evening, but still lots of UVing, texturing and modeling to do(yh i kno)

Hi everyone ! This is my entry. Hope you like it)


Here is my entry for April Challenge. It was realy fun to participate.


Hi evrey one , I really enjoy in this challenge, also suffering a little bit to upload my entry but finilly Here is my entry for this challenge, hope you like it.


Hey everyone! You can now case your votes :tada:


Poll seems to be missing some entries.

Those were some great interpretations of François Bourdin’s original artwork! Well done, everyone. Here are the two winners, one chosen by the community and one by François.

Winner chosen by the community: Digital Clay Odin by @zeyadibrahim000

Winner chosen by François Bourdin: Odin for 3D-ify Challenge April by @MaxDeaconVR

Keep up the great work! :art:


Congratilation @zeyadibrahim000 . There was really fun cheating voices with you. Unfortunately at the end of the voting all new registered people from Ukraine couldn’t sign in to the forum… So it was a little bit easy to you win this one :wink:
Enjoy your win! Good luck in the future)

BTW “thanks” @nebulousflynn for blocking account my girlfriend. Its very profesional move as admin and as you said "is not cool." doing something when you dont know exactly what was happend.