[ENDED] Sketchfab Blockbench Challenge: Alien Moon Landing


This week’s challenge is out of this world… We’ve teamed up with Blockbench, a free and open-source low-poly modeling software that offers direct upload of your creations to Sketchfab, to challenge you to create an alien moon landing scene.

Full rules and prize details can be found in the blog announcement:


There was so much creativity on display for this challenge! Great job, everyone, and thanks for participating in our first Blockbench Challenge. :slight_smile:

And the winners are...

First Place: The Wayfarer by Ycar

“This is overall an amazing scene that makes great use of features like emissive textures for lights and simple planes for the dust. I also love the texture on the ship, which contributes to the “alien” feeling by making it really hard to compare the scale to anything man-made.” - Jannis

"Love the mass of this ship landing on the moon. It really feels like it is struggling to cope with gravity. Beautiful textures and a great looking model. " - Warkarma (@warkarma)

“Awesome Spacewar, a lot of little details on texture, he makes the landing more natural with the inclination of the ship, the dust cloud below makes the scene perfect. Gorgeous” - Kevin (@KevinCayuelaBorg)

“Awesome job creating a sense of motion without actually making it animated and effective use of Sketchfab’s editor.” - Abby (@abbyec)

“Very creative use of the sprites, I quite like the fx despite all the limitations, and the use of the editor” - Alex (@dark_minaz)

“Great overall design! Impressive model!” - Mieke (@miekeroth)

Runners Up

Visitor by Wacky

“I love the color palette as well as all the little details like the foil and the grid fins on the capsule and the hard directional light.” - Jannis

“Great looking model with the charming alien characters adding some story and depth to the scene. Nice use of Sketchfab’s post-processing settings to give the scene an otherworldly look.” - Abby (@abbyec)

“Beautiful textures, I would love to have something like this printed out in 3D :)” - Warkarma (@warkarma)

“A lovely and compact scene that fits the challenge theme perfectly and uses some subtle Sketchfab 3D Editor settings to good effect.” - Tom (@nebulousflynn)

Alien moon landing by Jelle

“Cool scene, I love the blocky Saturn. Also good use of the Sketchfab post processing effects.” - Bart (@bartv)

“Minimalistic but great! A nice scene, with a story and few actors in a very small space. Plus, nice job using the point of view to highlight the background (Saturn like planet).” - Geoffrey (@geoffreymarchal)

“He uses the glow effect to perfection, only in the necessary parts balancing the palette of color; Saturn unifies the moon place with the space environment giving some context. Nice one!” - Kevin (@KevinCayuelaBorg)

“The neon (emissive) and the small animation really make the scene feel alive and give it a nice retro feel. I like the loading screen to a nice space shooter. I really like how the sketchfab editor settings make it have such a different feeling.” - Alex (@dark_minaz)