[ENDED] Sketchfab Challenge: A Polyphonic Lowmance / #lowmance


Hello all! Here's the place to upload your WIPS, drafts, and published models for the Low Poly Challenge in which the theme is love and romance inspired. Need more direction? Here is the blog with the rules, the judges, the prizes, and an embed of what the style looks like!

Deadline: February 21st
Tag: #lowmance
Limit: 10k triangles

Have fun! Start by showing each :heart: by giving encouragement and constructive critique!

(Fatsnail) #2

I want in. But not understand where to open a thread?


In this thread is fine! Just reply with your WIP/final scene, like you just did with this question!

(Rybird) #4

Hello, beautiful subject, love! Thank you for the opportunity. Here his my model. Psyche Lovers. Tantric love of just the spirit without the physical. Psyche Lovers

(Daxnorman) #5

I will be making this concept in 3D, based on my animated drawings.

(Deemk0) #6

I want in. This is my scene so far : Hold on the love!

(Shane Beucler) #7

Heres what I got so far, first two days of progress. Will be iterating on a previous model I made for my girlfriend. This one will be her as a mage with the previous model of her stuffed animal as her familiar! :smiley:


Great progress-- looks good so far!

(Shane Beucler) #9

Work Continues!

(Shane Beucler) #10


(Shane Beucler) #11

MOAR big changes this time, changed it to emulate her drawings more

(Phcarvalho) #12

I want to make a scene with a loop animation. My idea is to make a hut and a bear. The bear will be holding some flowers and knocking on the door.

This is what I have made:

(Blessthefall) #13

I'm in! That's my model. Her name is Rose.

(Aki Kato) #14

Hi, it's my low-poly character

Handmade Doll

(Daniel Boblet) #15

Hi all ! work on heart low and bad romance https://sketchfab.com/models/3db98997db1441d583cb097f0622bf49


Very cool! Is that a bullet belt?

(Shaderbytes) #17

HI All , Here is my entry :slight_smile:

(Aki Kato) #18

Thanks! Yep, I made this model by reference of my real handmade doll :smiley:

(Carlao98) #19

here is my scene https://sketchfab.com/models/5127e4b6db1243ada682b59e09bc11d7

(Juanpulidos) #20

Hello everyone, my idea is a couple of robots connecting mechanically.
The blocking of the scene.