[ENDED] Sketchfab Destruction Simulation Challenge


(Nebulousflynn) #1

Sometimes it’s just fun to (virtually) smash something up! This month’s simulation challenge is all about destruction - we want you to use your favourite destruction or physics plugin to create something that captures the joy of breaking, smashing, shattering and ‘sploding! Animated or freeze-frame - it’s up to you!

A barrel of dynamite going off? Demolition of a derelict building? The annihilation of an entire planet in the midst of an intergalactic war? They’re all worthy entries… :boom:

TL;DR: Create a scene of something smashing to bits using whatever workflow you’re comfortable with and upload it to Sketchfab and tag it #DestructionChallenge

Read the full details on the blog

(Nebulousflynn) #2

If you've never tried something like this before, I found it really useful to follow a tutorial to get my head around the process.

The video below is for Blender but please feel free to share any other good tutorials for other software if you know of any!

(Nebulousflynn) #3

Made a quick demo using the Fracture plugin in Blender - only took a couple of hours from start to finished - and a lot of that was tweaking the materials in Sketchfab :skull: :sparkle:

(Shaderbytes) #4

motion is so linear. all shards disperse at the same speed and so slow?.. I dont now which program is the best but the above is bad motion ..i never seen something break in slow motion before..even though things slow down so dramatically when something smashes to pieces..

(Nebulousflynn) #5

Thanks for feedback - this skull is not really meant to be a realistic sim - I await your entry to show me how it's done :wink:

There are no real constraints to the theme of this challenge and you can take it simply as 'make something cool that explodes/smashes/shatters' :boom:

(Shaderbytes) #6

i might to an entry but i will scrpot the motion myself and wont spend time to make code modular and reusable..spagetti code here i come..

(Warsoul) #7

I was working on a 3d screensaver the morning of the 1st day of that contest, can i use what i does 3h before the contest started ?

The Dead Core

(Dave Ja) #8

Love this idea!

Blocking out a quick scene. Gonna redo the splintering wood and add some fabric tearing in the sails once I've detailed the models in. Also needs another ship in the background! Yarr.

(Nebulousflynn) #9

If it uses some kind of smashing / breaking physics then sure! Just upload it to your Sketchfab profile and add the tag #DestructionChallenge

(Nebulousflynn) #10

Cool to see a scene/narrative built around the challenge topic - I look forward to seeing the final result!

(Benlemoine) #11

Hi ,
This is my entry to the challenge :

a pig sculpture during earthquake
done in Houdini + substance painter



(Dave Ja) #12

Aaaand done! materials are super basic as I spent most of my time learning how to smash stuff.

(Nebulousflynn) #13

@benlemoine that poor piggy :pig: :smile:

@dave_ja I think the materials actually suit the cartoon scene! Glad this challenge was a chance to practice something new

(Dark Minaz) #14

hmm not really happy with how the basic shatter in maya

same with the mash network that mostly creates confetti :stuck_out_tongue:

guess i need to read up a bit if there is a good plugin that creates a nice explode effect :stuck_out_tongue:

edit found a way in maya :stuck_out_tongue: now i need to start thinking about what object i want to destroy :smiley:

(Rogyrue) #15

Hi all my entry to the comp made in 3d max. Good to see what others create

(Mrfsandor) #16

This is my entry to this contest:

(Suprovo Rgb) #17

Hello everyone,
My destruction simulation challenge's project is based on the movie "The Dark Knight".
My concept is "Destruction of corruption and establishment of Justice", in my project the joker mask represents the corruption and the batarang represents the Justice.
By making this project it is also my tribute to "Heath Ledger".
I recently made all models and everything of this project totally myself in Blender and I used Gimp too. The fracture is done by using Blender's cell fracture.

Here is my project

(Batmanya) #18

(Nebulousflynn) #19

:boom: OK! That's it folks - thanks to everyone who entered :boom:

Be sure to check out all the entries by viewing the #DestructionChallenge tag on the main site.

The judges will review entries this week and we'll post the results here and on the Blog on Friday!

~ Tom

(Suprovo Rgb) #21

Hello everyone,
Previously one thing I forgot to tell about which is I made and used this type of texture, environment and rendering because I wanted to make the whole scene as the "Vision of HOPE" (a Hope of "Destruction of corruption and Establishment of Justice", a Hope of "corruption free New Era", a Hope of "Unafraid New Dawn").

I also found that my project is not always visible on this link
but it is always visible on this link
so I am requesting to the Sketchfab Community Team to kindly check if it is any problem or not.