[ENDED] Sketchfab Free Form Challenge: New Year's Resolution


Ring in the new year with high expectations and forget about them by March! Or will this year be different for you? Maybe if you were to 3D model your New Year’s resolution, it would stick until next December…

In this final Sketchfab challenge of 2017, we want you to share a 3D version of your New Year’s resolution(s). And although we are closing out the year, we didn’t want to close anyone out of this challenge! To join, you can model your resolution in any way you’d like to. Voxel artists, feel free to use voxel creators, VR artists use VR tools, sculptors use ZBrush, etc. Or maybe now is your chance to challenge yourself and test out a new skill you’ve always wanted to try – we’ve added one more week this challenge! Get in one more piece of art for this year and start the new year off creatively!

Tl;dr Create your new year’s resolution using any tool and tag it #2018Resolutions.

Full details on the blog! May 2018 be a fruitful year for all!

(Markkrawiec) #2

Sounds like fun :slight_smile: I have been trying to transition my artistic skill set by being able to sculpt more people rather than monsters so I think I will share a piece involving that for my new years resolution.

(Chromasie) #3

Hello everybody. I’ve prepared something for you. I hope you like it. :slight_smile: If I had known earlier that I would enter, then I would have probably planned or share something more for you.


(Markkrawiec) #4

Forgot to share my work “in progress” picture

(Wax Free Ointment) #5

My new years resolution is to make a garden. I currently live in an apartment, so a big garden will have to wait. I will start planting seeds next month and put them in pots. I grew an avocado tree a few years ago, it go to be about 3 feet high before it passed. I will try again this year : D

So, I made my model using magicavoxel and had tons of fun doing so. I don’t think I’ll ever make a garden this big, but it is fun to dream.

EDIT: trying to figure out how to link my model here https:// skfb.ly /6vyUu

(Kaighen) #6

Hi, this is the first sketchfab contest ive entered and my new years resolution is to drop 10lbs for a 5k event. I haven’t ran a 5k since 2014 but Ill need to get into shape to place again.

(Engine9) #7

I want to more aircrafts in 2018.

(Gypsee) #8

This is my model I nearly done to stop smoking in the new year

(Jukkathewalrus) #9

Really like the style! What’s the resolution exactly?

(Gypsee) #10

the resolution is to quit smoking


These all look wonderful! A reminder that everyone has one more week to work on this, with the contest date ending January 10th!

Keep creating!

(Vanart) #12

Great way to get the creative juices flowing for the new year!


Looking great, everyone! Reminder that this challenge ends Wednesday! Good luck!

(Icarus) #14

New Years resolution is to cook more this year! With SculptJanuary at the same time I’m going to try keep it simple and make it with MagicaVoxel :slight_smile:

(Zale) #15

I know that is really simple, but I had this idea to describe how 2018 will be, a fresh start to do something new. Every 3d project starts with this cube, I thought it was a good metaphor.

(Alok Aks50) #16

Hello everyone. I’ve prepared something for this contest :slight_smile: I would have probably planned for mining scene. but due to short time went with this simple scene. This time Learnt about voxel art and it’s so easy and very interesting to build.

I hope you like it!!!

(Engine9) #17

(Khea) #18

Hi everyone :smiley:

Here’s my 4 resolutions for this year:

I’m not really used to make resolutions, but felt quite inspired by the theme and the super cute animated resolutions of the blog post! It was really fun to work on :slight_smile:

Wish you all a wonderful year! :tada: :tada:

(Alok Aks50) #19

Very impressive look!!! :airplane:

(Nebulousflynn) #20

#:loudspeaker: OK thanks everyone - challenge is over!

We’ll get on judging right away and share a winner tomorrow.