[ENDED] Sketchfab Freeform Challenge: Clear Coat


(Nebulousflynn) #1

We’ve just integrated Clear Coat as a new feature and want to see what amazing things you can do with it. Show off your skills and the new feature by creating a model using any software and workflow. Your imagination is the only limit.

TL;DR: Use whatever 3D method you prefer to create a model that utilizes Sketchfab’s new Clear Coat Feature. Upload it to Sketchfab and tag it #clearcoatchallenge.

Be sure to read the blog announcement for full details of rules & prizes:

(Arthurmaugendre) #2

Wow nice ! I have the perfect model to try out this new feature.

(Skyeshark) #3

When I saw this I immediately thought of using it for moisture/water on a surface, so that’s what I did with this little scene I made :slight_smile: ! I’m working on some other assets that I might add to the scene and may add more water/moisture effects around later, but yeah!

(Stabinthedarksoftware) #4

Wow the new clear coat really makes my infamous astrolabe look better.

(Shaderbytes) #5

Still early days for me i took on quite a difficult challenge so dont know if i will finish it for the comp , i will try here is a snippet of my progress , toyota corolla 2018 altis :

(Mountrise) #7

Ludens incoming

(Paris) #8

Clear Coat is awesome. I love this feature

(Juliocruzalta) #9

Here my entry, a XIX century locomotive…

(Valentin Nadolu) #10

I have a question regarding the rules:
"Submit only new work, but feel free to submit multiple scenes."
I have a couple of cars that I’ve uploaded some time ago on my profile which now look a lot better with the new clearcoat option. Can I sign any of these up to the contest or do I have to create and upload something entirely new?

(Mountrise) #11

(Shaderbytes) #12

new work means new work :wink: Standard CG competition rules across the board for many years. Millions of users have old models they would obviously use a new feature like this upon and will update their models but they are not valid competition entries now because they got a material rendering update.

(Nebulousflynn) #13

yep what @shaderbytes said :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #14

some more progress :

(Mountrise) #15

Here’s my entry :smiley: https://sketchfab.com/models/9931e09e73414776a81adc54dbc7e4ed

(Valentin Nadolu) #16

What do you do right after you finished restoring your 55? Go mudding of course!

(Dark Minaz) #17

after watching the show for a while i wanted to try doing a real plastic look with the new clearcoat and 2 little daggers to make it more challenging :smiley:
quite happy with how good it looks with sketchfab post fx and clearcoat

(Skyeshark) #18

I’ve been working on this all week to add to my scene, its done! Also still working on some other bits and I plan on adding more to my clearcoat usage, its super useful for making water in scene!

(Skyeshark) #19

And here we go, all finished up with the car (with clearcoat on the paint and metal) and water jug (with clearcoat spill!) added :slight_smile: !

(Adipriatna) #20

I’m interest with Clear Coat challenge, so i made this chevy to prove my self in this challenge. Hope you like it guys :slight_smile:

(Bhug113) #21

A retro-futuristic flying car from a cover of Popular Mechanics published in July 1957.