[ENDED] Sketchfab Freeform Challenge: Clear Coat


(Deuschanz) #22

Guess i’ll use this alien luxury spaceship I made a month-ish back

(Nebulousflynn) #23

nice work! I fixed you post so that the embed shows - you need to paste the Sketchfab URL on a new line for the auto-embed to work :slight_smile:

(Tinyruin) #24

Wanna do a wooden toy with clear coat inspired by this artwork by http://nakagawa.take-g.com/:

Just started working on the texture, hope I have enough time to finish something.
EDIT: first test with Clear-coat. Model is an unrelated place-holder.

(Shaderbytes) #25

Some more WIP , mostly done with the exterior and scene lighting , wont have enough time to do any proper detailed internals , so i will just do something simple and if needed … . tint the windows haha :slight_smile:

(Tinyruin) #26

Here is my progress so far. I’m using the Clear Coat to add water droplets (seems to work better than just with " normal PBR" workflow) and to make the table reflective.

(Mountrise) #27

Had some free time and did another scene :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tinyruin) #28

Damn, really nice work @Mountrise!!! The alien feels oddly life-like.

(Mountrise) #29

yay! thanks :smiley:

(Nikkytae) #30

Here’s my submission for the Clear Coat Challenge!

(Alok Aks50) #31

Good entries so far. Eager to see and learn this feature!!!

(Fravic) #32

I made a lollipop :candy:

(My first upload! :sweat_smile:)

(Tinyruin) #33

Think I’m mostly done.

Used Clear Coat among other things to make the water drops look better. Here is without:

And here is with:

(Skyeshark) #34

I did the same thing, using it for water/moisture, it seems to add a level of depth you can’t get otherwise.

(Tinyruin) #35

My submission is live - meet plant bud! :slight_smile:

(Mohamed Amir94812) #36

Hyperloop A-001

(Tinyruin) #37

@mohamed.amir94812 Pretty cool! Maybe you could give the edges around the door, lettering, and windows a different clear coat value as it’s a different material. Right now it looks too much like it’s all one piece - as if the whole train has been coated as one unit. I used the intensity value to have varying clearcoat strenghts and added a grayscale mask to it.

(Deuschanz) #38

I think i’m a minute late, but I was dealing with multiple upload failures from Blender --> Sketchfab, along with taking a few hours fine tuning my adjustments, I don’t think this submission is valid,

but nonetheless, here’s my 2nd entry for the #clearcoat challenge.

(if the textures don’t load properly, probably because it’s still processing, switch from SD —> HD using the cog on the bottom)

(Shaderbytes) #39

ok i have to call it and submit as today is the last day , i got plenty done in under a week so i happy with the results. I also brought the poly count down by 2 thirds so the entry is optimized it was over 800k , now its 300k

(Nebulousflynn) #40

So many cool entries!

@deuschanz Just over 14 hours left :slight_smile:

(Nebulousflynn) #41

Challenge over!

We’ll announce the winner on Friday