[ENDED] Sketchfab Freeform Challenge: GDC Beer Bust!


(Zachary Hixson) #21

Hi! This looked like fun so I thought I’d try my hand at it. My stein is still very early in construction, but this is my progress thus far. It is going to be a little shrine to brewhalla with a beer valkyrie on the handle. Her wings wrap around the sides and open the lid. Inside will be a little statue of a guy. I dunno, seems neat in my head, but we’ll see how it all works out in the future. I just hope there’s time to get it all done.

(Derek Prinzi) #22

Hi all! Here is my work in progress submission. Goodluck to everyone submitting!

(Shaderbytes) #23

Great entries everyone! I decided to try compete properly again this time round so I spent some time on the entry , i hope you like it… and the judges of coarse :wink:

(Vangre) #24

Started modeling the basemesh of the container with the scorpion tail chain. Next up : implementing the Scorpion’s body and give its legs some interesting pose.

(G034326a) #25

I like where Vangre’s one is going :slight_smile:

(Burba) #26

Hey everyone. Here is my idea for this challenge.

(Zachary Hixson) #27

Progress update! I put a little dais inside the stein, blocked in a lid, added some base clouds, and split the handle up into separate stones. Still have a little more to get in there before heading into sculpting land.

(G034326a) #28

Zhixson your mug is inspiring me with some ideas for later. A city where each house is made to look like a drinking vessel of some kind. Inhabited by tiny creatures.

(Zachary Hixson) #29

Hahahaha, awesome.
“Welcome to New Mugland” or “Steinburg”

(Spotiroma) #30

the “King’s Cup”

I am glad to present you the “King’s Cup”. This beer mug was visited in many hands from the commoner to the feudal governor, who probably was not too pleased with the reign. The Tavern owner saw the inflicted insult to the king, but decided to correct the problem in his own way. Therefore, he lost his head. That’s what it means Middle Ages. In this model, I used materials of that time iron, wood and few bronze. And the main task was to create an object that could then exist. It should be strong and comfortable.

(Himanshu Singh) #32

DON’T WANT TO BE DISRESPECTFUL OR SOMETHING! It’s just a quick garbage. But i will make a different model soon!

(Shaderbytes) #33

haha drinking from the throne … my dog will approve :wink:

(Spliter) #35

La Griffe du Dragon

(Dark Minaz) #36

my current work progress of getting somewhere, so far my mind is going towards the last idea

(Dennish2010) #37

Here is my beer mug wip-1 for this cool challenge.
My Idea is a Infinite beer mug from the future.

My to do-list for this:

  1. Grip for the thumb (done)
  2. Cooling unit and pipe system for the liquid nitrogen (done)
  3. Condensation drops (done)
  4. Beer-Lock (done)
  5. carbon dioxide bubbles (done)
  6. Cartridge for restoring the carbon dioxide (open)
  7. Sound-system (open)
  8. Beer teleportation-system (open)
  9. Beer planet (open)
  10. Low-Poly model and textures (open)

(Shaderbytes) #38

Nice one @dennish2010, glad to see you here participating already

(Shaderbytes) #39

just made a few small edit to my entry made the foam height thicker , moved it up a bit , reworked the hanging bits and added 3 droplet to the floor. Also just fixed the floor while i was at it , there was too much off a gap between the mug and floor. Anyway looks much better with the thicker head previous on was too thin.

(Jm Braley) #40

Dragon Tooth Mug

Here’s where I’m sitting after a few days of progress. I’m excited to start retopo and then on to texturing!

(Warsoul) #41

Shamanic prehistoric Beer Mug

Nice job guyZ !

(Himanshu Singh) #42

So my main idea is this one, magnetic badge holder beer stein with some lighty lighty!
,Need some light on Mug too!
C&C Please