[ENDED] Sketchfab Freeform Challenge: Haunted House

What makes a haunted house spooky? Is it its broken shutters and unkempt yard? Or maybe the eerie noises? Or maybe the ghosts? Whatever it is, we’d like to see your version of it. We had a haunted house challenge back in 2015, but much has changed since then and you have a larger world of 3D possibilities at your fingertips. So fire up your rusty chainsaw and start carving out your place in Sketchfab’s creepy Halloween neighborhood.

TL;DR: Use whatever 3D method you prefer to create a model of a haunted house. Upload it to Sketchfab and tag it #Haunted2018Challenge.

Be sure to read the announcement blog post for full rules and how to enter:


Hi Everyone!

While fiddling around I came up with the idea for this quick rendition of the poster of the movie “The Cabin in the Woods” (which i actually had a lot of fun watching)! And as it is a spooky movie, it ended up being "The Cabin in the Spooks"! :scream:

All the elements come from various scans around Sketchfab. I cut pieces of squares from various cabins by moving a “boolean cube” in blender, before baking the diffuse and normal maps to a lighter geometry. And I just extracted the roof element from another scan as well…

The backplate was done in GIMP by mixing CC pictures and textures to recreate the look of the original poster, and I used lots and lots of Sketchfab post-processing filters to get to the look I aimed for.

Considering the speed with which I created this model, I’m quite glad of the final look, although I’m pretty sure that spending more time creating detailed elements (planks, logs, windows…) could have brought me to a much more realistic look, but the idea is here!

I think that this is a pretty nice and inspiring challenge, so have fun everyone!


Hello everyone! o/
This is my first time participating in a sketchfab contest :slight_smile: .
I don’t usually plan my personal projects this much, but I thought it could be nice to share my thought process a little bit, so here is the plan:

I’m sorry for my rusty 2D skills, bit it is what it is :stuck_out_tongue: .
Now on to blocking it out in 3D!

I’ll be posting my progress!

Please let me know what you think, opins/crits are welcome :smiley: !


What a fun Challenge. Because I wont have time next week I took the last two and a half days to create my entry for this Challenge. I’m happy with how the house turned out. :smile:

Good luck everybody and more importantly have fun. :slight_smile:


Hey! This is gonna be my first time entering a competition here :slight_smile:
I love the theme! And this is a really nice way for me to learn Maya (I am a 3ds max user, but now I want to learn Maya too!).

My idea is a pumpkin house! A house shaped like a pumpkin. The backside will be open/see-through so you can see the interior! I will add a lot of different stuff. But this is the sketch! I love hand painted textures so I’m gonna do that.


So, I’m building a hand-painted style haunted house for this. Really trying to nail down that WoW painterly feel with it, currently I have the model as a WIP, but I’m making some good headway, should have some texture work done this week.

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I’m joining in aswell! A bit late to the party, but I think I still have enough time to make something cool. I have been sketching a lot past few days and will share some ideas here soon :slight_smile: I hope to create a small diorama type scene, but I will focus on the actual building/house.

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I was sure I would never finish in time, but it turns out that the contest ends next week, not this one :stuck_out_tongue: I’m shooting for a realistic delapidated Queen Anne style house with a small spooky exterior. Here’s where I’m at so far :
Modeling / UVs for the house pretty much done. Texturing fairly soon :wink:


Hey peeps!

Exciting to be writing this as this contest has been a great motivation to learn Maya and Substance Painter. I’ve been working on a house wreck concept with a home gym. Getting a bit out of hand as I am trying to test and add in everything I am learning (animations, sound, texture), but so far this project has been extremely enjoyable. I’ve completed modeling, animating, UV mapping, and will be moving on to texturing.

I’m pretty sure I will have invested one of the most hours to this project as I am delightfully going through youtube for every little feature I am learning.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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So this is what ive got so far! I’m gonna have some land with it and maybe a fence and a graveyard too! really enjoying this one! :smiley:




I kinda forgot i had to post some WIPs so there you go.


These are some of the simple sketches I did! I went with the spider themed house, will update on that one shortly :slight_smile: I think I will try a fully handpainted and unlit style for this one, as I have very little experience with that.


Here is what I have so far. Texturing starts next.


Working on this little house.


wip …moving on to texturing


Well I finished! spent so much time tweaking the lighting and what not but I’m pretty happy with the end result! :smiley:


I finished too! :smiley: Really fun challenge!


Finished my entry, this challenge was a lot of fun.


So this is my entry for the challenge. I can honestly say I’m happy it’s over so I can rest.