[ENDED] Sketchfab Freeform Challenge: Reflections

(Bart) #1

We introduced https://blog.sketchfab.com/sketchfab-introduces-screen-space-reflection-ssr/ back in May and many of you have jumped into using it. Now that it’s been a few months and you’ve had a chance to play with it – or maybe you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to practice – we want to see what amazing things you can do with it. Show off your skills and the new-ish feature by using any software and workflow to create a model that reflects its surroundings using SSR.

TL;DR: Use whatever 3D method you prefer to create a model that utilizes Sketchfab’s SSR feature to create reflections. Upload it to Sketchfab and tag it #SSRChallenge.

Be sure to read the announcement blog post for full rules and how to enter:

(Francoisespagnet) #2

For this contest I have made a speed artwork. I think to title this : "Social"
I think, I’ll start to made big cables and the ground. I materials should be plastic.

(Spliter) #3

(Francoisespagnet) #4

(Lubus) #5

(Sheeloo) #6

Hello there,

For this contest, i’ll try to create a landscape with a firecamp, a monolith far away and a river. I think i’ll make many changes to this work, i’m working on it…


(Amealia) #7

For this challenge I am making some potion bottles, have been testing out the features in sketchfab so far. This is also my first challenge. Here is a preview.

(Atilabecker) #8

Can I create a Viking boat from a reference?

(Brenly) #9

Cant wait to see this finished :slight_smile:

(Cranberrymk) #11

(Francoisespagnet) #12

Voilà :wink:

(Abby Crawford) #13

And the winner is...

A fall from grace by Coroca

A big thank you to everybody who participated!! :star2: