[ENDED] Sketchfab Freeform Challenge: Text, Type & Word Art


(Somepizzaboy) #22

This is my first time participating in a challenge. I decided to do some 3D graffiti. There were a lot of cool effects I wanted to add, but I ran out of time. I had fun and learned a lot though.

(Alok Aks50) #23

My Final entry for the contest!!!
This is my first time with Typography and I find it very much interesting.
These quotes (& color theme) is written in the Kannada language. Modeled each letters individual by scratch in its own style and gave manual uneven Z-depth for words. Pretty satisfied with my first typo text. :slight_smile: Hope you guys Like !!! :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #24

very cool , what is the translation to english??

(Alok Aks50) #25

Thanks :slight_smile: Its pronounced as “Kayakave Kailasa” , it means - “Work is worship”

(Alok Aks50) #26

Soo cool looking :nerd_face:

(Alex) #27

Hello, sorry for being rather late. Here is my final contribution

Should I credit each source of free font used for design of “zerones”?

(Shaderbytes) #28

nice concept , except what is going on with the last digit? it looks like a zero and a one, i understand it might just be the font , but it is out of place in regards to the other “zero” from the other fonts? perhaps try another one that does not have a diagonal strike though

(Alex) #29

It is special “magic font”, I like that. In fact, I initially planned to use all fonts with zero with lines, because it was usual for computer zeros in “archaic times”, but such fonts are rare and usually has not very good appearance in such design.

All fonts are different “Oxford”, “gothic”, “Montezuma”, “magic”. Anyway, I simply do not have more time and energy to find something more appropriate. :slight_smile:

(Karlchristiaan) #31

Hey people, I made a submission!

Thanks to shaderbytes below for telling me how easy it is to embed lol

(Shaderbytes) #32

just paste the viewer url ( not the shortcode version )

So go to your model in your browser , then copy the url in the browser address bar, then paste that in your message here on the forums and it will embed.

(Zucke Rpl) #33

Hi this is my first work and I make it this weekend. Sorry for model displacement, but it’s too late for me to repair it. Hope you’ll like it.

(Kluchek) #34

Hi everyone!
Here is my quick entry for the typography challenge.

(Nebulousflynn) #35

Challenge Over!

Thanks for all the entries, we’ll be judging and announcing a winner later this week.

(Abby Crawford) #36

And the winner is...

A Come Amore by Tombolaso

Many thanks to all who participated!

(Alok Aks50) #37

congratulations @tombolaso :nerd_face: