[ENDED] Sketchfab Hand Painting Challenge: Summer Cottage


(Nebulousflynn) #1

It’s warming up outside, the flowers are blooming, and our cozy winter chalet is now a vibrant summer cottage!

TL;DR: Download the 3D model below, hand paint summer-y textures using your favourite painting app, upload the results to Sketchfab tagging it with #HandpaintedSummerScene and crediting the CurlsCurly for the original model.

Check out the blog announcement for full rules, prize details and how to enter:

(Pidele) #2

I am so hyped about this challenge! I love hand painted textures and I love it even more if the unwrap is done already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here you can see a quick color sketch and the first iteration of my entry ^^ I edited the trees a bit and deleted some faces so I can use some planes for flowers.

I’m looking forward to how this will go!


(Pidele) #3

Here is an overpaint I made in Photoshop over a screenshot of the model :slight_smile:

(Jenstevenslock) #4

Yay! I’m excited to see this challenge. I really enjoyed the winter one :smiley:

(Jmarieray) #5

I decided to go a little Extra and ended up completely remodeling my idea of a ‘summer cottage’ in the poly budget :’) This is my first time modeling like this, and doing a Sketchfab challenge. Super excited for this!

(Jcg The Great) #6

I have 2 questions
It says in the competittion that we can make changes to the model but remain in 514 traingles
Does that mean we can rebuild it entirely/make it look entirely different with the model provided as long as it has 514 triangles?

And when making changes with the model, does it need to have exactly 514 triangles or just a maximum of 514 triangles?

(MaddhattPatt) #7

This is gonna be a really interesting challenge if we can rebuild the scene! I would love to replace the pine trees with something of a little more spring vibe!

(Curlscurly) #8

Yes you can rebuild the whole model and make it look different, just keep your budget in mind. We stated on the contest page that it has to remain at 514 polys, so I’d say try to keep that budget :slight_smile:

(Curlscurly) #9

Yes, feel free to replace/change things, as stated in the rules, you can rebuild it all, just keep the budget of polys same! Have fun! :smiley:

(Jmj1524) #10

Hi everyone!

I’m having a problem when i import the model in 3DsMax. I show you :

Anyone knows what is happening?

Thanks a lot!

[SOLVED] (Just imported in Maya and it was everything alright)

(Peobjorn) #11

Work in progress. I’ve done the basics on most of the surfaces, still have the chimney and trees left to go before polishing. The only thing I’ve modified in the model is smoothing groups and that I moved the tree trunks a bit as they were slightly off center compared to the branches.

(Theo Kain) #12

I chose to build a new cottage on a hill scene with the 514 triangle budget. So far, I’ve built the scene and uv’d. Next up is the painting.


wip - model and uv;

(Jenstevenslock) #14


Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’m really enjoying everyone’s ideas so far! Here’s what I’m working on right now: I did a quick overpaint to set out my colour palette, and then I started texturing today.

(Gabrielsaxon) #15


I started to working on this challenge.

(Justinww) #16

@nebulousflynn or @curlscurly

Is this limited to exterior? I might be interested in trying this challenge out. Haven’t done a lot of hand painting in my time so I guess there is no better time to learn!

(Lucy) #17

Ooh boy, I haven’t hand painted a texture in a while, time to shake off the rust!

(Gabrielsaxon) #18

I continued the “work” :slight_smile:

(Siejang85) #19

Hello, I have some questions.
Should I use only one texture? And how is the texture size? Can I use 2k texture for this?
I changed scene a little bit, so it’s 513 tris now, Is it ok? Or should I make a triangle to match budget?

(Juliocruzalta) #21

Here is my summer beach house… :slight_smile:

(CG SHARE) #22

My color sketch and 3D trees edited.
Hope you like it