[ENDED] Sketchfab Hand Painting Challenge: Summer Cottage


(CG SHARE) #23

Very nice and clean:heart_eyes:

(Madeleine Fjäll) #24

We will see if I will be able to do something in the days that are left. This challenge seems really fun and I really like making hand painted textures!

I did a few color palettes that I would like to incorporate. :slight_smile:

(Pixsule) #25

Hi! This is my first time contributing to a Sketchfab Challenge and I’m a bit late but this looked super fun =)

This is just a WIP. My beach house is quite modified to look like these colourful houses on a beach in Australia near where I live! Just put down some base colours for today but I’m so excited to paint detail. I hope it looks okay in the end.

Good luck everyone!

(Siejang85) #26

WIP) Warlock’s summer cottage

(Longbowman) #27

Hey there! I decided to start from some sketching to define general ideas before actually painting any details. Still not sure whether these are tree stumps or rocks chunks in front of the house :smiley:

(Madeleine Fjäll) #28

Have now spent a few hours texturing, wanted to do something about the house being a bit “in the air” so I drew a stream. :slight_smile: I’m not so sure about the house itself yet though, would like to have a bit more details on it than just planks.

(Eve Lawrence) #29

I saw someone earlier having the same problem as me with the tree and house merging in 3DS max, does anyone have any advice for this? I’ve never really imported to 3DS Max before ahaha
EDIT: solved it by messing around with import settings, I think I clicked “import as a single mesh”

(Curlscurly) #30

Hiya! Yes you can use 2k and more than one texture if you want, keep the polycount at the same as the original model though.

(Nebulousflynn) #31

Interior is OK - just remember the limits on triangle count (514) for any modelling you do.

(Gabrielsaxon) #32

Further step to finish. :slight_smile:

(Gabrielsaxon) #33

thanks :slight_smile:

(Longbowman) #34

Here goes my second wip! Added base color and started to paint the hut :man_artist:

(CG SHARE) #35

update 20180531

(Siejang85) #37

Warlock’s Summer Cottage

(Theo Kain) #38

WIP to final

Here are are my wip shots and the final shot.



I’ve learned from my experience with this hand-painting challenge, that 3dcoat is better in many ways than substance painter for hand painting textures! I switched half way through as my files were over 1.5gb each in SP and really slowing down my ageing machine.

Also, I misread the challenge as winter cottage… had to melt a lot of snow to make it summery.

final model

(Kattynote) #39

Here is my summer cottage.
I didn’t change the model, but corrected some details,like stones and trees.
I wanted to make it in consistent style.


Here’s my WIP~

Starting to lay down base colors, and I’ll wrap up the painting this weekend… (Just in time?) :sweat_smile:

Best of luck to everyone… I already see some nice ones!

(Curlscurly) #41

Loving all the entries so far, amazing work everyone! <3

(Pixsule) #42

hello, i finished the model i shared earlier :slight_smile:

(CG SHARE) #43

Just Finish
Good luck everyone ! <3