[ENDED] Sketchfab Hand Painting Challenge


(Nebulousflynn) #1

Brrrrr! For many of us it’s starting to get cold outside with winter being well on it’s way. What better way to spend these long winter evenings than hand painting a cozy (or freezing!) winter scene?

To get you started, Skethfab Master CurlsCurly has created a UV mapped model of a cosy winter cottage, UV mapped and ready to go – download it and and paint it up in any style you like (making sure you credit her work as per the Rules):

Read the full details and rules on the blog

(Mariosonic500) #2

What do you mean exactly by hand painting? Do I have to paint directly on the model in my modelling software, or can make textures in external art software and import them?
Also, can I use real life photos as textures as long as they're my own?

(Psychonautic) #3

Handpainted means the textures look like they were painted rather than realistic. Curlscurlys art is an excellent example of the style.

(Matthijs de Rijk) #4

Here is a little sneak peak of what I'm working on. I've chosen for a more pixelated hand painted look by using a very low resolution textures. I'm going for a bit cozy but also a bit magical and misterious.

(Badboy17 Aiden) #5

This is my entry for the sketchfab Hand Painting challenge

(Matthijs de Rijk) #6

@nebulousflynn Are you allowed to add geometry for particle effects like @Badboy17Aiden as done? I read in a comment on the rules page that adding geometry isn't allowed... If so, where is the limit?

(Curlscurly) #7

Hey! Thanks for entering the challenge. I just looked at your model and it looks like you are using photorealistic textures. For this challenge you have to paint the textures in Photoshop/Painting software or 3D program, that lets you paint textures! :slight_smile:

(Matthijs de Rijk) #8

@curlscurly what about my question?

(Curlscurly) #10

As stated by Seori in the blogpost comments, adding extra geometry isn't allowed, since everyone's modeling expertise might differ and the challenge is about the texturing :slight_smile:

(Badboy17 Aiden) #11

Okay thats not a problem i will then fix the model, Maybe i didnt correctly understand the requirements because i thought we can use realistic textures and then mix it together to create textures. Please next time make it more clear so that i can understand the requirements for the contest. Thanks Badboy17Aiden

Also when i look at the contest page https://blog.sketchfab.com/sketchfab-hand-painting-challenge-winter-scene/ There is no where mentioned you cant use photorealistic textures and also that we cant add geometry. Thanks


Sorry about the confusion -- totally understand how things could have gotten mixed up. For the sake of clarity, I've added an amendment that it's hand-painted textures only.

Thanks and feel free to ask for clarification!

(Badboy17 Aiden) #13

Thanks for the clarifaction, I will get right to it to fix the model asap.

(Antijnvander Gun) #14

Would simply changing from edges hard to soft and vice versa also be considered "modeling" ?

(Matthijs de Rijk) #15

You're not changing any shapes with that right?

(Nat The Witch) #16

Hi @seori, @curlscurly !
Just a quick question, are emissive maps allowed ?
Thanks !

(Matthijs de Rijk) #17

Work in Progress:

(Rinwin) #18

Hello! I am super excited about this contest! Are we allowed to use painted normals?

(Matthijs de Rijk) #19

Why wouldn't we? Those are textures too right? If not that would really suck because i've already spent a lot of time painting normals...

(Brandiqa) #20

Here is my Work in Progress:

(Daden) #21

Here's mine.