[ENDED] Sketchfab Hard Surface Sculpting Challenge: Tools & Hardware

(Nebulousflynn) #1

This week’s 3D modelling challenge is focused on hard surface modelling, in particular tools, hardware and all the things you might find in a toolbag, garden shed or hardware store.

Have a go at modelling anything from simple hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers all the way to power tools, multi-layer tool boxes, compressors & welders …and no: guns, bazookas, tanks, bombs etc. don’t count as tools!

Read the full details and rules in the blog announcement:

Ask any questions and feel free to post all you WIPs and final entries in this forum thread.

(Vivekpandya24) #2

Hi, I am going to make some Old vintage hand drill… Let’s see… :wink:

(Nebulousflynn) #3

After some comments. we’ve switched this challenge to general 3D modelling instead of sculpting.

Please note that the required tag for your models is now #ToolsChallenge

(Icebox X708) #4

I made an all-purpose electric hammer for the contest…and I also realized that this stupid reference is already 20 years old. :older_man:

(Leratosemmelink) #5

:hammer_and_wrench: For this challenge, I’ll attempt making a chainsaw :grinning:

(Ostapblendercg) #6

So what, dudes, everybody will make some kind of drill?
@nebulousflynn also is log splitter considered as a tool?

That’s that kind of thing:

(Raskind) #7

Hi, I am newbie in 3d, but I want to take part in this challenge. I`m going to model driver‑drill

(Dark Minaz) #8

Working on a MultiPurpose Shovel, always wanted to model one of those

(Jakesrusso) #9

Heya! I’m planning on modelling a Hand Plane :slight_smile:

(Manogna) #10

Hi everyone, I am interested in this challenge.
since I am a school student, for me tools are scale, protector, compass, pencil and geometry box.
So will model all these in Magicavoxel software.:blush:

(Dark Minaz) #11

alright working shovel thing done :stuck_out_tongue: time to work on a little scene

(Tombolaso) #12

oook im going to do an old sewing machine… hope to finish in time!!!
just finisehd modeling the low poly… now uv, baking, and texturing… tooo much things!!

(James ) #13

I’m still debating if I have the time to take part, but if I do is it ok if I make a carpenters workbench with many tools, or does it have to be a single tool?

(Manogna) #14

Hello Everyone, This is my entry for the contest.
Please have a look.


Geometry box and tools:

pencil - powerful tool
scale - to measure and put straight line
sharpener - to mend the pencil
eraser - to remove mistakes 5. compass - to put perfect circles
geometry box- to hold all these tools
and divider, protracter, set squares
modelled in magicavoxel.

(Dark Minaz) #15

Sure you can make more, id start with a single one and add more to the bench depending on how much time you have :slight_smile:

@manogna that bringts back memories from a long forgotten time. In the end only my mechanical pen made it through school rest got lost somewhere or broke. I like the annotations, made me chuckle at 6.

(Tombolaso) #16

trying some material for the sewing machine using quixel

(Tombolaso) #17

finally texturing! still work in progress of course… no blue paint for my model :smiley:

(Nebulousflynn) #18

@manogna great work :triangular_ruler::straight_ruler::paperclips: :slight_smile:

@ostapblendercg sure, go for it!

@JamesA the more the merrier, multiple tools on a bench are a-ok

(James ) #19

Just got bogged down with more work, I’ll change up my idea and go for a pieced together post apocalyptic vibe, like the game Rust, or Fallout. I found some concept art that I’ll base it off

(Jcg The Great) #20

Can I make a post apocalyptic chainsaw?
It’s a tool for cutting radioactive trees :smiley: hehe