[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Adventure Props

(Bart) #1

What would you take with you on an adventure deep into the leafy Amazon, or across the sandy Sahara? Whatever it might be, it would have to have as few polys as possible because you’d need to pack light. This week we’re challenging you to make a low poly adventure prop (or several, if you’re feeling up to it) that would serve a useful purpose on any sort of adventure.

TL;DR: Use your favorite modeling tools to create a low poly (<10k polys) adventure prop, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #LowPolyAdventure.

Be sure to read the announcement blog post for full rules and how to enter:


(Andy Begg) #2

I have an idea, is it okay to use multiple props in one scene as long as its under 10k or is it one prop per scene?

(Abby Crawford) #3

Hi @AndyBegg - just one prop per entry. I’ve adjusted the text on the blog to be a bit more clear on that. But you’re absolutely welcome to submit multiple scenes!

(Andy Begg) #4

Great, I’ll modify my idea accordingly. :slight_smile:

(David Caturegli) #5

Didn’t have time for the last contests so this time… a compass first ^^

(David Caturegli) #6

First time I’me the first posting a model.
Here is my entry :

(Daemon) #7

Stylised water flask. Is that ok?

(Bart) #8

Yep, go for it!

(Insectscorch) #9

I used this car as reference. What better vehicle to navigate the desert than a Jeep?

(Halon Keiser) #10

Oh wait, does single prop mean single object?
I.E. a rucksack with stuff hanging off it wouldn’t be ok?

(Blueskinrulez) #11

Hello everyone,
this is my model for the challenge #lowpolyadventure
I think I’m obsessed with treasure maps, ancient mysteries etc. for which I wanted to create a deliberately low poly themed “treasure hunt” scene.
I wish everyone a good day and thank you for setting up this wonderful community!

(David Caturegli) #13

Nice work but “Only one prop per entry” so maybe it’s too much…

(Insectscorch) #14

Hi, please I need help, I have some questions.

  1. By Polygons you mean quads or tris?
  2. Does a car counts as a prop?

(Insectscorch) #15

I lowered the polycount.

(Blueskinrulez) #16

Yes, sorry, I only understand now that “one prop” means one object.
In this case I ask not to participate in the contest if it does not respect the rules.
Thank you

(Ab Red) #17

wow… another low poly contest, lovely…
well, the first idea that came to me was, an RPG style traveler bag, and i just found a reference for it, so let’s see how it turns out… :slight_smile:

(Andy Begg) #18

I chose to go with underwater adventuring… so you need scuba gear or you won’t last very long!

Model finished just got some more unwrapping then texturing to do.

Also shouldn’t have given me so many triangles to work with, I will use every one of them.

(Hadrien59) #19

I’ll try with the little swiss army knife, useful everywhere, at any time ! :slight_smile:

(Ghostlyfail) #20

A travel journal and hoping the attached assets don’t count as separate props. as it is part of one prop? Right?

(Abby Crawford) #21

A single prop is a single object, more or less. Basically, we want to see one item and not a pack of separate items or a diorama with several items.

If your rucksack has stuff hanging off of it, as long as it’s all part of one unit, that should be fine.

@AndyBegg not sure if this response helps you or not, but maybe it broadens your possibilities?