[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Adventure Props

(Abby Crawford) #22

Either quads or tris is fine.

A car can count as a prop, yes.

(Insectscorch) #23

Great! Thank you.

(Samuel Rosser) #24

Excited to work on this lil piece. Did my first ever concept for a piece, so that’s cool!

The Mushroom Man can’t go anywhere without his handy dandy travel pack!

(Blueskinrulez) #25

I’m working on a single prop to participate in the challenge, my new object is an old oil / kerosene lamp.

(Maxguardior) #26

HI, I am making a explorer Helmet inspired by the design in the manga series “Made in abyss”.


(Andy Begg) #27

I may tweak some textures, but I’m pretty much done with this. (9964 polys in the end)

(Steff) #28

Noooo … Good job but I begin to modelling the same thing. :frowning:

(Hadrien59) #29

With one prop per scene, it’s normal that the classics come out quickly hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

(Raghaviyer) #31

As part of this challenge, I’m trying to make a hot air ballon

(Raghaviyer) #32

today’s progress

(David Caturegli) #33

Classics are classical, so I’ll make a backpack. :blush:

(Thaylan) #34

Im thinking of doing a match box or a adventure belt!

(Canary Games) #35

Here is my entry a flashlight:flashlight:
“Do not look at it directly, or your retinas will melt.”

(Samuel Rosser) #36

Update on the mushroom bag. Almost done with with first pass on the geo. I don’t plan to sculpt on it so I wanna make sure everything is nice and tidy before taking it into 3Dcoat and Photoshop!

(Blessthefall) #37

I’m making some matches. You never know when you need some on an adventure.

(Ab Red) #39

Hi this is my first entrance, an RPG theme student spell book :smiley:

(Blueskinrulez) #40

Here’s my new prop!

(Hadrien59) #41

I made a second little object for the challenge :slight_smile:

(Marina Vildanova) #42

I’d take with me a small camera so I can capture all my adventures. Here is my progress screenshot

(David Caturegli) #43

So, I was thinking, “Yeah, why not…”