[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Adventure Props

(roderick3d) #44

Here’s my submission.

(Ab Red) #45

my second submission…
a health potion flask :smiley:

(Marina Vildanova) #46

This is my complete prop for this challenge.

(Daemon) #47

(Human Planet Studio) #48

I hope spacesuit is allowed.
Well may be I can get in some sort of Alien jungle.
Why not?

Have Space Suit—Will Travel! (Novel by Robert A. Heinlein)

(Amandaluginbuhl) #49

I started this a couple days ago but forgot to post a WIP. My idea is a hunter’s belt, with all the essential tools needed to survive an adventure in the wilds. Everything in ZBrush is a rough draft right now; I’m planning on beginning retopo tonight and finalizing overall composition.

(Samuel Rosser) #50

Definitely my favorite submission thus far!

(Michael Nixon) #51

My entry for the challenge.

(Ab Red) #52

my third submission, a warrior legendary weapon! :smiley:

(Andy Begg) #53

So many good submissions for this one, I feel sorry for the judges. :smile:

(Blessthefall) #54

Here’s my entry, a low poly match box: https://sketchfab.com/models/d508e98b209345ef9f14a69099608aec

(Tobiasfuhr) #55

a realy cool backpack is a good idea for an adventure prop. i’ll try something

(G.West) #56

Here’s a nautical sextant I’ve been working on. I’m already right on the 10k triangle limit but I might simplify some of the geometry and hand paint it.

(Icebox X708) #57

Here is my Contribution…


Hi guys, this is my entry, a torch to illuminate the path !
good luck to everyone :smiley:

(Blessthefall) #59

Can I include an alternate version in the same project? I can’t choose between 2 versions. If not I’ll just upload after the challenge ends.

(Chuckleur98) #60

This is my entry to the contest

(Burba) #61

Hi everyone. This is my entry for the challenge.

(Kyboky) #62

First contest I am joining,
Here is my entry:

(Abby Crawford) #63

You can absolutely upload two versions.