[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Adventure Props

(Canary Games) #64

Here goes my second entry :smiley:
Something that must not be missing in an adventurer!

Warning: The description of the object is deceptive.

(Mystic Teacup) #65

When I think of adventure my mind instantly goes to The Lord of the Rings, so I wanted to create something that represented my thoughts about the word adventure… For the contest I have decided to create a bow, personalised to suit me as a person, I started this yesterday and still have a lot to do and add to it but hopefully it will be finished on time, and if not, it should make a nice portfolio piece (hopefully)!

(Maxguardior) #66

Hi, there goes my submission. A explorer helmet which would be helpful when going through dark and undiscovered places and would also protect your head.

(G.West) #67

It’s still a bit rough but I think I’m almost finished painting my nautical sextant. Here’s how it’s looking so far…

If I get time I might try some last minute tweaks, but overall I’m happy with it as is considering how little time I’ve had to spend on it!

Good luck to everybody, there’s been a really cool mixture of art styles and ideas for this contest. You can’t beat a low poly challenge :smiley:

(Human Planet Studio) #68

Well… I heard about the contest 5 days ago… And that was a good idea to start redesigning my Space Suit Model for game that we are developing, The previous model which I made was… not so good as I supposed. It was twice more dense in triangles, not good topology and other problems.
So I’d make it in any case, with contest or not.

But I did it. At this point it is only a lowpoly model. I have two days to complete textures. Not an easy task, but I hope I can do it.

So this is WIP for my model.

Have Space Suit—Will Travel! (Novel by Robert A. Heinlein)

(Amandaluginbuhl) #69

I really like the second version! The larger match ends makes the whole piece pop a little more and matches the stylized texturing you went for.

(Fabian Orrego) #70

Hi everyone. I have decide to participate in this contest.
I do not have much time, but I will contribute with a prop simple and very necessary in any adventure: A powerful and magical lighter. :slight_smile:

(Hevorkx) #71

Hello there i’m new to this,first upload ever!
Medpack,stay safe out there :grin: :sunglasses:

(Michael Nixon) #72

Hey hevorkx, i think you need to add the #lowPolyAdventure tag to your model as well.

(Fabian Orrego) #73

Hi everyone. This is my entry for the contest:

(Infiniti Art) #74

This is REALLY REALLY COOL!!! :smiley:

(Infiniti Art) #75

This is my submission, I decided to go for more a steampunk style because I’ve always wanted to make a model that’s steampunk-ey so when I saw this contest I was like “THIS IS PERFECT!!!”

Little disappointed that the goggles were shaded flat in blender but transfered over to sketchfab as smooth, but you know what? It’s all good! :3

(Jaguilera92) #76

Howdy y’all. Here’s my submission.
It’s my personal water bottle I use everyday.

(Samuel Rosser) #77

All done with my mushy bag! Super stoked to see how it came out, I had a blast with this project!

2929 tris
2048x2048 texture

(Moodhy) #78

This is my submission. I uploaded a few hours ago, a bit late but I heard about the challenge back on Friday and just manage to create it today.

(Goldengrifon) #79

Here is my work. Mobile house is what you need in every adventure.

(Rimonczd01) #80

here is my submission…

(Amandaluginbuhl) #81

Ok, I have finished my piece! It is a hunting belt, with all the tools an adventurer may need when traveling through the wilderness. It’s also one of my first attempts at an entirely hand painted piece.

(Mystic Teacup) #82

Such a nice piece! You’ve done a really good job, good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Declan Mc Culloch) #83

Hi everyone,

I made a Sundial Compass,

Unfortunately, I didn’t spend as much time on this as I would have liked too. I didnt get around to animating it so it looks a bit stagnant at the moment.

I created the model using Maya 18, the model its self only took a couple of hours. I ran into a number of issues with the UVing, which I’m happy to say I’ve learnt a lot from and was able to overcome all of them in the end. The textures I created in photoshop using only 3 in total, one for the base, one for the metal components and a third for the glass. (I’m not very good at texturing and I find these challenges have been improving my abilities quite a lot). The end goal was to create a brush metal, in brass/gold colour sundial, with a polished wooden-base. I did also make a carry pouch to accompany the dial, however was pressed for time and made the quick decision to focus on the dial face and compass decals, normally I struggle with 2D art but this time I found it quite enjoyable. I made a couple of rough designs on paper for the dial (due to incredibly poor internet speeds and a lack of a scanner I could not upload them :frowning: )

In the end I really enjoyed the theme of this challenge, I hope the best to everyone that entered!