[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Adventure Props

(Geminigod) #84

Last minute entry for this challenge. I went Atompunk with the design.

(Human Planet Studio) #85

Unfortunately… I can not handle export of the model form Blender with materials…
Still trying to do, But no result.
Repeated in Unity,

(Human Planet Studio) #87

Please help!
Any Idea how to export model with materials from Blender to Sketchfab? A asked for advice, one guy told me about Principled BSDF shader. But what’s next?
I understand that this contest is one that I miss. But I’d like to participate in other.
Thank you!

(Burba) #88

What file format did you use to export your model?
I don’t have Blender, but when I export my model in maya as OBJ, it will create an extra MTL file for the material.

(Human Planet Studio) #89

Tried blender and fbx.
Will try OBJ now, thank you!

(Human Planet Studio) #90

Thank you!!!
It helped!
Tested one version. Its’s okay!

(Burba) #91

You are welcome :slight_smile:

(Human Planet Studio) #92

I still do not understand how to include here Metallic/Smoothness channel. So… The model looks different in compare to view in Unity. But better than all that I achieved today earlier in countless attempts.

(Burba) #93

You need a metallic and roughness map. Both are grayscale texture maps. You can upload them afterwards and put them in their slots.

(Human Planet Studio) #94

I have metallic in zip file! How can I put it over? Please help and thank you very much!

(Burba) #95
  • go to the materials tab
  • click on the roughness or metalness slot
  • click on the manage textures button
  • choose your texture map

or you can drag and drop a file from your pc into the slot to upload the texture.

here is a nice tutorial about uploading and managing materials and textures in sketchfab :wink:

I hope that will help you.

(Human Planet Studio) #96

Yes, It helped much!
I don’t know how to achieve mirror effect on helmet, as I easily get in Unity,
But in other ways it looks almost good.

Thank you very much!

(Burba) #97

The helmet part of your roughness map needs to be black and the metallic needs to be white :wink:

Roughness: 0.0 (black) represents smoothe surfaces and 1.0 (white) represents rought surfaces
Metalness: 0.0 (black) represents non-metal and 1.0 (white) represents raw metal

(Human Planet Studio) #98

hm… I wonder then how it works in Unity in almost 1-2 clicks :slight_smile: the same map…

the grey is the ‘glass’ on helmet.

(Abby Crawford) #99

And the winner is...

Low Poly Hand-painted Nautical Sextant by se7en23

Thanks to everybody who entered! :world_map:

(G.West) #100

Thank you so much! And thanks to everyone who voted for my entry. There was a really nice variety of models for this contest, I’m chuffed to be chosen as the winner! :smiley:

(Human Planet Studio) #101

Congratulations! Will learn more from winner’s works!

(Samuel Rosser) #102

Congrats! Your work is awesome!

(G.West) #103

Thanks :blush:

(Binkley Piratepants) #104

there can be only one indispensable object in the galaxy