[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Animals and their Brood


Hello all! Here's where you can post your WIPs for the new low poly challenge, theme Animals and their Brood, offer constructive critique, or just get inspired! To enter, be sure to add the #AnimalFamilyChallenge tag to your scene.

Can't wait to see these new animal families! :elephant::baby:

(Ostapblendercg) #2

What a fun and cute theme! Can't resist, have to participate!

(Rybird) #3

Thank you for the fun and opportunity. Here is my contribution to the challenge. Ducks in a Row.
created on Tinkercad and cleaned up and painted in meshlab.

(Hamsterspit) #4

Hello,I plan to make a space beaver son and parent scene!

(Davijo Man) #5

That's a fun theme!

(Ostapblendercg) #6

some inspiration


really cute!

@hamsterspit can't wait to see it!

(Rybird) #8

Thank you. :slight_smile:

(Goldengrifon) #9

//Under 5k faces

5k faces for one creature? for all creatures? or for creatures and all scenes objects?

(Nat The Witch) #10

I'm thinking on making my real life cat and her babies ^^

(Laurmurclar) #11

I've started making a scene with a frog and her tadpoles/eggs :slight_smile:


For all creatures in the scene!

(Laurmurclar) #13

I thought this was such a good theme, I finished my contribution already!

(Denysalmaral) #14


Lowpoly is cute and this content is very fun, and want to make a family of my favorite bird from my home country:
The "Cartacuba" or Cuban Tody.


PS: For the WIP, should I share updates here or I should create a separated thread?

(Tallonwatt) #15

Hey guys!

I thought I would join the challenge too by doing a little penguin family!
I'm thinking something like this. :smiley:

(Tallonwatt) #16

@seori Are textures allowed?

(Dark Minaz) #17

Yes textures are allowed :slight_smile:

Not sure if i get the time to model something for this contest, but it looks like there are some really fun entries so far.

(Tallonwatt) #18

All finished, thanks for a good challenge. :slight_smile:

(Khea) #19

Hi guys !

So I'm planning to do a Cheetah Mom and cubs :slight_smile:

I will base my scene on the following photograph of this cheetah family in Maasai Mara by Roger Hooper.
Here's my progress so far :

Cool theme for this challenge, I can't wait to see all of the entries,
have a nice day!

(PS : the penguin babies from the previous post are adorable!)

(Tallonwatt) #20

Thanks @khea! I love the cheetahs. Can't wait to see the final result! :smiley: