[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Cars

(Bart) #1

Fire up your low poly engines! Our challenge this week is to create a low poly car.

TL;DR: Create a low poly (<10k polys) car using your preferred tools and workflow, upload it to Sketchfab, and tag it #LowPolyCarChallenge.

For full prize and rule details be sure to read the blog post:

(Fopen) #2

i share screenshot of my car 850 polygons without textures :wink:

(Soasone95) #3

Just wanted to share progress on my low poly car, for the model i m not making anything too fancy but instead i want the car to tell a story, let’s see what i can get out of it :smiley:

(Tinker Tyler8) #4

I tried to do something like one of the 1st electric cars, the citicar. It’s my first vehicle and my 1st multiple object scene, so it went alright.

(Dabiar Studios) #5

Hi guys
A small preview of my low poly sports car.
greetings to all

(Zale) #6

I’m making a car from Animal Crossing

(Andy Begg) #7

Hi All,

Just wanted to check that this is okay for the contest.

The model is created from scratch by me using reference not ripped geometry.

The textures, on the other hand, are sourced from multiple sources but mostly textures that were likely ripped or screenshotted from the original game to use as mods for other games. The textures have then been compiled and edited by me to create new textures.

(Bart) #8

Hi Andy,

You can only use material that you own the rights to. If you ripped textures, you can’t use them.

(Andy Begg) #9

Okay I’ll retexture :frowning:

(Bart) #10

It’s in the challenge rules too :slight_smile:

  • No ripping of models from anywhere on the Internet, all entries must be original works.

(Andy Begg) #11

Yeah, it says models, but I was wondering about textures. I’m guessing using screenshots is a no too.

Also in general is the concept allowed, basing it on a model from a game aka fan art?

(Azusanyan1992) #12

Maybe some gaz 24

(Dabiar Studios) #13

Hello artists from around the world, I upload images of my latest advance.
Greetings and good luck to all. =)

(Adan) #14

Its been a while, so i’ll jump in. Ive been putting together this amalgamation. Its curently 8102 tris.

(Adan) #15

I think I’ve made decent progress with the scene. this is what it looks like in Blender, will upload soon.

(Adan) #16

And here it is. not sure whats going on with the preview though?

(Bart) #17

We’re experiencing an issue with embed layouts and are in the process of deploying a fix. Shouldn’t take too long!

(Adan) #18

Alrighty, Thanks!

(Bart) #19

This is now fixed!

(Soasone95) #20

Just few quick screens to show the progress on the car :smiley: