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[ENDED] Sketchfab Low-Poly Challenge: Current Events #currentevents


Hello all! Here's the place to upload your WIPS, drafts, and published models for the Low Poly Challenge in which the theme is mainstream current events from the last 5 years (2012- now) Need more direction? Here is the blog with the rules, the judges, the prizes, and an embed of what the style looks like!

Deadline: April 17th
Tag: #currentevents
Limit: 5k triangles

Have fun and don't start a war!

(Dark Minaz) #2

I guess i am the first
with john oliver's "JUST ADD ZEBRAS" .. the only positive news in weeks :smiley:



The timeline is 5 years, there have been a lot of positive events that have happened over the course of that time! :slight_smile:

(Abeja Cruz) #4

My idea for the challenge is to do something about Trump's idea of ​​making a wall on the Mexican border.

(Rybird) #5

Hello, One of the biggest events is in progress and that is the space infrastructure. I have recreated a crude mockup of an Asteroid Water Extracting system or AWE with the current news about it, which just was released yesterday.

It was fun and thank you for the opportunity.
It's 5.4k faces and 2.7k vertices. Let me know if I need to crunch it more The stats don't list triangles.
Again, thanks for the opportunity.

(Dark Minaz) #6

Yeah ive been focusing on the most recent news
5 year old stuff .. man i totally missed to make a model of me creating my sketchfab page :stuck_out_tongue: that would have been THE NEWS then.

@rybird interesting model, i kind of fail to see how this would really work but thanks to your model i went to read up a bit on the topic. This could be massive for space flights and live outside earth.
The limit is 5k faces, since all of your faces are tris it's roughtly 2,5-3k so i assume it's all good :slight_smile:

(Rybird) #7

Thank you!, I did not know the translation between triangles and faces. With vertices they share faces. I thought perhaps each face counted as a triangle, I am still new at this. Cheers!

(Rybird) #8

I like the zebra. And I like that it's positive! :slight_smile:

(Josue Or) #9

Hello everybody!

I want to share you my turtle, hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Definitely been in the forefront of everyone's minds. Great idea!


Looks cool! I like the story!


I like him! What's the current event story related to the sea turtle?

(Klaus5) #13

Hi everyone,

Here is the references from intenet, and event I have chosen from 2012, it is about the delegations from more than 190 countries present at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP18) held in Doha between November 26 and December 8 decided that the Kyoto Protocol should continue by 2020

I always try to support this cause in some ways, so I think it is a great opportunity to carry on with this at Sketchfab Low-Poly Challenge: Current Events.

It is gonna be a massive challenge to me to create a solid scene with just 5k. triangles.!

I hope do it!

(Klaus5) #14

After some research to get some more inspiration and find a style for my concept art, I saw nice work from others artist as Andrey Lukashov,Aquarius Max,Jasmin Habezai-Fekri,Luciano A. Muñoz Sessarego,Nicolas Antoine, and Rastefano Tafaray.

Now I got reference style I want for my challenge, and it is going to be fun, because I have not done this style before. :sweat_smile: So I expect to learn a lots new tricks and techniques during the process. :smile: I will work on 3ds max and Photoshop.

Here you cand find the Concept Art and art style.
Okay see you on the next update.


@klaus5 Looks promising! Can't wait to see the WIPs and end result!

(David Caturegli) #16

If I make a Tribute to the dead actors who are well known but died in 2016-2017, is that ok ?


That's fine! Remember to keep it lowpoly and check out some examples for inspiration!

(Mrford3rd) #18

I was thinking about doing a statue of Black Lives Matter Movement focusing on one part that started it. Can of Arizona, skittles and a hoodie


Simple but powerful. Looking forward to it.

(Klaus5) #20

Hi ! here you cand find WIP images
see you on the next update.