[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Desserts

My entry!


Welp. I may have been a complete idiot and published a few seconds too late, and then realized I accidentally set it to private hahahahahahaahhakillmehaha.

Well even if I didn’t actually submit properly at least I got good practice with hand-painting


I believe that this one will be very hard for judges. So many amazing models :sunny:


Hi… Could you please tell me What software do you use and do you have to apply materials in sketchfab again? I needed to use the sketchfab materials… I’m new here. Any help would be appreciated.

Emmm… Sure.
PureRef for reference
ZBrush for high poly
3ds max and TopoGun for low poly
3ds max or UV Layout for unwraping
3ds max or Marmoset Toolbag for baking normals
Substance Painter for rest of the maps and painting textures
Sketchfab for amazing real time render with post processing

Edit: You can upload with 3dsmax or Painter, but I like to do it manually

That was the sweetest challenge we’ve had yet! You all submitted so many delicious entries that the judges had a hard time choosing. But choose they did! :cupcake:

And the winner is...

Kanom Thai // Thai Desserts by Alan Robinson

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“I love the variety, the composition, the detail, and the explanation. And it looks delicious, too…” -Abby (me! @abbyec)

“Great presentation, and non-standard dessert.” - Bart (@bartv)

“So cool to be introduced to a range of new desserts - the simple style is set off nicely with all the fine details. Tasty!” - Tom (@nebulousflynn)


Very interesting choice. I didn’t expect this one. Congratulations!!!


Congratulations!!! :star_struck:

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Oh my gosh I’ve just woken up to this and I wasn’t expecting this at all! Thank you so much! I had a great time taking part!