[ENDED] Sketchfab Low Poly Challenge: Isometric Room

(Bart) #1

Recently we’ve fallen in love with ‘isometric’ scenes – highly stylised models, projected at a 45 degree angle with (almost) no perspective. Especially ‘rooms in a cube’ have drawn our attention, like teenage bedrooms with awesome retro objects, a version of your actual living room etc.

For this challenge, any type of room will do as long as it stays low poly. Let’s say keep it under 15k triangles – which is not super low but it will at least allow you to add some nice details.

TL:DR; design an isometric, low poly room and publish it on Sketchfab with the #IsometricRoomChallenge tag.

Full details on the blog.

(Acidzenith) #2

This is my attempt for the competition, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this style but I've tried my best.
Good luck to all entries.

(Bart) #3

Looks great and I like your choice of topic :slight_smile: Congrats on being the first entry!

(Dave Ja) #4

Had an wave of inspiration so here's a quick entry from me.

(Bart) #5

Looks awesome! Great light setup too.

(Nat The Witch) #6

I really want to do something for this challenge but I don't have a lot of time to work on it and no idea yet, but I'm gonna try ! Yeah, motivation !

(Nlsinh) #7

Interesting challenge. I will try to finish my room. Good luck to all!

(Liquid Lithium) #8

Hi! First challenge I'm taking part in, a 2 day little project I worked on this week - I didn't even knew this challenge was a thing then haha, thanks bart for notifying me!

(Tobiasfuhr) #9

Cool Challenge, i wanna make something.

(Jessie Van Aelst) #10

OoooooOOOooooOoh. <3 10 more days, let's see what comes out of this!

(Bart) #11

Should be enough time, no? :slight_smile: Succes ermee!

(Nat The Witch) #12

I have an idea !
This is one of my inspirations - Stanley Parable

(Jessie Van Aelst) #13

I'm assuming you have to create your own concept art for this? Or can you be inspired by a design on the web and rearrange it?

(Bart) #14

It's fine to use inspiration, but please do provide credit to the original artist.

(Dark Minaz) #15

by the movie saw :wink:

(Autumnpioneer) #16

Hi Bart. I don't want to be "That guy" but in the rules it says:

"Submit only new work, but feel free to submit multiple scenes."

It seems you just allowed this piece to take part in the competition: https://sketchfab.com/models/ab12408f782749bfac22c383d904968f

I really don't think this was created just in the time of the competition, especially since they weren't aware of it, and think it may be unfair to the other entrees as they have had the strict time frame for the when the competition post was made. What do you think?

edit: it seems like a few of the submissions are like this so maybe the rules could state something allowing work done before the post start can be submitted?

(Nat The Witch) #17

Hi ! Here's a little WIP :slight_smile:

(Tobiasfuhr) #18

and maybe each user needs to post a minimun of work in progress to validate, i don´t know, just an idea.

(Bart) #19

I'm not sure I follow - this scene was uploaded three days ago, so during the contest?

(Tobiasfuhr) #20

so, my first WIP. I wanna make some bedroom in the dark with some light coming from outside.

still modeling...

any suggestion?